Nail care: 5 tips for healthy nails and beautiful hands

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A few tips to help you take care of your hands every day!

Although your hands are in constant use and the skin on them is highly exposed, they are often neglected. A beautiful manicure is also about your hands and nail contour being in tip-top condition.
To avoid tightness, itching and other problems with the skin around your nails, here are our tips for taking care of your hands.

“Hydration is key”

While our hands have never been cleaner, they've also never been drier. Water, soap, endless hand sanitiser... thanks, COVID-19!

There's only one thing we need to fight all these skin aggressors: hydration! It's a good idea to put a tube of moisturising hand cream by the sink and apply it generously every time you wash your hands.



Quick tip: you could also pop a mini hand cream into your bag and leave one on your desk. No more tight skin or dry cuticles! Of course, you'll want to use a cream with clean ingredients (more on this later... #staytuned).

Water can dry you out!

As we mentioned in our article Green Flash: our 10 tips for maximum staying power, water softens your nails. When your hands spend too long in the water, it seeps between the layers of keratin and makes your nails soft. That's when they start to break easily.

To minimise this problem, don't leave your nails unprotected. Apply your favourite Green polish or Green Flash gel polish colour and don't forget to cap the nail.

Do you want to take a break between manicures? If the answer's yes, take this opportunity to apply our 5.5 Base Coat to keep your nails healthy, or consider a repairing treatment!



Take care of your nails

A beautiful manicure is so much easier if your nails are healthy! Think about treating your nails with our hardening base coat if they're too soft or our S.O.S. Base Coat if they're badly damaged.

Supplements can also help: ours are enriched with keratin, biotin and brewer's yeast to revitalise your nails. And the icing on the cake? They have the same effect on your hair! The perfect 2-in-1 boost!



Don't cut your nails—file them!

Forget about scissors, nail clippers and metal nail files—they're much too harsh. If you want healthy nails, you need to know how to file them properly.

Use a Manucurist Emery Board and file them gently, always in the same direction. Don't file backwards and forwards—it weakens and separates the layers of keratin that make up the nail. Split nails? No thanks!

Take regular care of your cuticles

Don't neglect them! Working on your cuticles is an essential part of a successful manicure. A little tip is to push them back with a stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher after your shower. If they are still too overgrown, you can carefully trim them with Cuticle Nippers.


And definitely don't forget to moisturise them! Here's a 2-in-1 DIY recipe you can use to moisturise your cuticles and whiten your nails.
Once a week, take a bowl of warm water and add a little olive oil to nourish your cuticles and lemon juice to whiten your nails. In 15 minutes your hands will look beautiful and your nails will be whiter!

What about your tips? How do you take care of your hands? Share your tips and DIY recipes by posting a comment!
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