Extra long wear. Up to 10 days ✨

An innovation with a safe LED system 🌸

Removes in 1 min! Acetone-free ⚡

  • Traditional gel polish removal

    Harsh acetone, damaged nails & cuticles, irritated skin, infections 😡

  • Green Flash™ polish removal

    Healthy, strong and resilient nails, cuticles and skin + acetone-free! 😍

Instant Dry.
Clean colour innovation.
Made with plants.

Easy 3-step process
in 30 minutes

  • Base Coat + LED Lamp

  • Colour + LED Lamp

  • Top Coat + LED Lamp

How does it work ?
Complete Protocol

in flash we trust

97% Recommend the Green Flash™ experience!*
90% Say the application is EASY!**
91% Find their nails shiny!**

*consumer study conducted with 2576 women
**consumer study conducted with 3877 women

We aim to be the greenest nail brand on the planet.

Green Flash™ LED Nail Polish is made with ingredients like Sugar Cane, Wheat, Potato and Corn.

  • Made from bio-sourced ingredients

  • Vegan &

  • Eco-friendly

Green Flash™ is HEMA-free!
But what the heck is HEMA?

Harmful molecules that penetrate skin's surface 😡

HEMA is a methacrylate monomer and considered the number one allergen in nail products. These kinds of molecules give gel polish that hard, shiny finish… but they are harmful! HEMA and other methacrylates are so dangerous they have been banned in the EU for non-professionals. They are small and can penetrate skin causing irritation and even lifelong allergies. Green Flash™ is free is formulated with safe alternatives always!

Experience the innovation! ️⚡️

🌈 1min’ removal at home, without acetone

🌱 Plant-based & Vegan

✨ Easy beginner-friendly 3 steps

⚡️ Instant dry under an LED lamp

💅 Lasts 10 days