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How to remove your Green Flash™ gel polish without damaging your nails ?

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We know you're nervous about this step, and we don't blame you! Many of you have had a bad experience when it comes to removing gel polish, resulting in damaged, yellow or split nails. The excitement of wearing nail polish that dries immediately and lasts several days is soon replaced by disappointment. Removing  gel polish  has become a real derring factor, but does it deserve its bad rap? Let's talk about gel, gel removal and Green Flash™!

Damage from Gel Removal

It's true that removing gel nail polish can be long and painful. Of course, when you remove your nail polish with an acetone remover, a nail drill or a polishing block, it's not just the polish that is under attack. How come?

Traditional gel polish often contains methacrylate monomers,  which form a hard, durable plastic film when they react to UV light during the curing process. This creates the famous 'gel' effect we love so much! But when it comes to removing this type of polish, the only solution is to drill, file or dilute it with acetone, which brings with it the high risk of extreme nail damage.

By choosing to file or drill off your gel polish, you risk removing the layers of keratin that protect the surface of your nail.

As for acetone, it is a solvent and it's main purpose is to dissolve things. When you apply it to a coat of polish, it dissolves the hard resin, which allows it to be removed. But this isn't a gentle removal method, and here's why.

Our nails are covered with a natural oily film that nourishes them and helps protect them from external aggressors. Additionally, the nail contour and it's surrounding skin is partly composed of water. Applying acetone dissolves the oily film on the nail and dries out the surrounding skin. And harsh substances can weaken your nails, leading to complications.

But there's no need to panic! With Green Flash™, you can say goodbye to nail drills and excessive filing. And "au revoir" to acetone! Thanks to its methacrylate monomer-free formula, our gel polish can be removed gently and easily, while maintaining good nail health.

Green Flash™, the innovative Gel polish that removes without acetone!

97% plant based and formulated without acetone, our Green Flash™ nail polish remover works quickly and gently in less than a minute. The castor oil-enriched formula with its delicate floral fragrance moisturizes and cares for your nails. Removing polish has never been healthier!

Remove Green Flash Gel polish

Before you start removing your polish, make sure you read and follow the process below. This is our step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Cut 10 squares of cotton pad to fit your nails.

Step 2

Soak each cotton square with our acetone-free nail polish remover.

Step 3

Apply a cotton square to each nail and leave on for one minute, pressing down firmly. If you have our nail clips, use them to hold the cotton squares securely on your nails. Then all you have to do is wait for a minute.

Step 4

Rub gently from left to right, pulling towards the outer edge of the nail to remove any residue.

Step 5

If any polish residue remains, apply another cotton square soaked in Green Flash™ nail polish remover and rub gently until the last traces have gone.

And then?

After you have removed your gel polish and, as a rule, between two colour applications, remember to  moisturise and nourish your nails. How?

By applying a few drops of  Complete Serum to deeply hydrate them.

Complete this treatment by massaging in a little Green Oil to nourish and care for your nails and cuticles.


Another tip before applying a new gel polish is to use a combined Makeup & Nail Care product from our Active range, enriched with concentrated active ingredients to strengthen and enhance your nails.


Now it's a smooth & easy process to remove your gel polish and keep your nails looking fabulous!


Can I remove my gel polish at home?

There's no need to visit a beauty salon or nail bar to remove your gel nail polish, as long as it does not contain methacrylate monomers. If it doesn't, you can easily do it yourself in about ten minutes using gentle products that keep your nails looking amazing.

Does removing gel polish damage your nails?

Removing gel polish can be an unpleasant experience if you use an acetone-based remover, a nail file or a drill. These methods damage the nail's natural protective layers and contribute to drying it out. We therefore recommend you use gentle products formulated to maintain the health of your nails and nourish them deeply.

How should I care for my nails after removing my gel polish?

It is essential to rehydrate your nails. Immediately after removing your gel polish, you can apply a plant oil to nourish your nails and cuticles. This treatment can be boosted by regularly applying a fortifying oil to strengthen your nails before applying your polish.