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A night mask for nails, enriched with D-Panthenol, which promises repaired and fortified nails in just 2 weeks. This potent formula creates a super-moisturizing film for deep nail regeneration thanks to a formula made of 80.5% natural plant-based ingredients.

Ideal for severely damaged nails. Washes off with soapy water the next day.

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Discover the SOS masque, enriched with Panthenol, forming a super-moisturising film for deep nail regeneration thanks to a short but ultra-effective list of ingredients!

Its high concentration of hydrating and fortifying agents, essential to nail health, improves nail resistance, strength and overall appearance.

Apply in the evening and leave on overnight for an in-depth treatment.

How to use ?

Note: As this mask can be removed with soapy water, we recommend that you apply it once you've completed your night time routine and settled in bed.

Apply the S.O.S Mask in thick layers to clean nails, like a polish.

Leave to dry naturally and once dry, leave on overnight.

The next morning, remove by simply peeling off the mask or washing off with soapy water. Repeat this routine once 3 times a week.

Ingredients (INCI)


Pro tip💅🏻

Healthy nails will help your manicure last longer.

S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask


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