Lamp or no lamp: pick your side!

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It can be hard to work out what's what in the world of polish. Here's a quick guide to help you find the routine that suits you best.

Makeup isn't just for your face; your nails deserve to be beautiful too! A flawless manicure with nude or coloured nails adds the perfect finishing touch to an outfit—just like an accessory. "La cerise sur le gâteau!" as we say in France!

The problem begins when you can't decide between a regular polish and a gel polish: which is best? Based on your tastes and lifestyle, we can shed some light on the matter and help you choose the Manicurist polish that works best for you!

The Green range: a regular polish for colour fans starting out on their Manucurist journey

Green polish will meet all your expectations: with 59 high-shine colours from red polish to green and iridescent to glitter, there's one to suit your every mood! We have developed formulas that dry as quickly as "ordinary polish", so you don't need to take a day off work to have the manicure you've always wanted! It's all done in half an hour and you can go back to the office or swimming pool (you choose...).



Green polish is 9-free, vegan & cruelty-free (to find out more, read our article Do you speak Manucurist?). With a formula based on potato, corn, cassava and cotton, the Green range contains up to 84% bio-sourced ingredients.

You just need to apply one layer of base coat to protect the nail, 2 coats of Green nail polish colour and finish off with a layer of Sunshine Top Coat to seal the colour and enjoy a vibrant, high-shine, long-lasting manicure!



What's more, it's really easy to remove with our Green nail polish remover. And it goes without saying that our remover is 100% bio-sourced and enriched with sweet almond oil to moisturise your cuticles with each use! So Green, so Good and so Easy!

Green Flash: the clean and easy gel nail polish

Green Flash is our innovation: the first gel nail polish containing no "bad ingredients". It can be applied at home, cures under an LED lamp and gives pro results that last up to 10 days. Simply follow the 3-step routine: base coat, colour, top coat.

It can easily be removed without damaging your nails using our Green Flash nail polish remover (acetone-free formula), so you can change your polish as often as you change your mind! And it's available in a myriad of colours from classic red to ultramarine!



A real revolution that will change the lives of busy women everywhere! If you're just starting out and/or you've got the travel bug, opt for the 18W travel lamp for a flawless manicure in 40 minutes.

And for all you gel polish addicts out there and anyone who wants to save some time, the 36W pro lamp is the one for you. Much quicker than its little sis, the pro lamp lets you apply your Green Flash colours in less than 20 minutes. That's what the Green Revolution is all about!



To sum up, Green polish is for anyone starting out on their Manicure journey who wants a wide range of colours to choose from. It's a timeless classic!
And Green Flash is THE big revolution: ideal for anyone who wants long-lasting colour that doesn't take too long or ruin their nails.

Keen to see some new Green and Green Flash colours? We're always happy to take your requests on board! Tag us on Insta (@manucurist) and share your best manicures with us.
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