Green Nail Polish

Green Nail Polish

Green nail polish, the clean alternative to regular nail polish with uncompromising staying power!

🌱 Vegan & up to 84% plant-based
🌟 Air-dries
💅 Lasts 5 days


What is Green nail polish?

With up to 84% natural ingredients, our Green nail polishes are 9-freevegan and cruelty-free. This natural nail polish range has a wide choice of colours and guarantees long-lasting shine. And they’re all made in France.

How are they different to other regular polishes?

Unlike other regular polishes, Green nail polishes respect your health and the environment. Their ultra-clean ingredients make your nails look fabulous without damaging them.

How to apply Green nail polish

Green nail polish is applied in 3 simple steps: base coat, colour and top coat. Step one: apply