Welcome to the Green Flash Revolution

Welcome to the Green Flash Revolution

How to

How to apply Green Flash?

How to

How to remove Green Flash?

application is easy or very easy!

according to 80% of users surveyed*

you'll be a pro from your third application!

according to 80% of users surveyed*

Become a pro!

Preparing the nail

Green Flash tips

Use as little product as possible

Wipe one side of the brush and just leave a small drop of product on the tip of the other side.

Cap the free edge

Pass the brush over the tip of the nail without adding any polish.
If your nails are short, pull down on your fingertip to create a free edge.

Remove any traces of polish from the fingers

For optimal staying power, remove any excess polish from the skin before curing under the lamp. To do this, soak a brush or cotton bud in Green Flash Nail Polish Remover and rub gently.

Apply Green Oil

Finish off your Green Flash manicure by applying Green Oil. Apply a few drops to the nail contour and massage in gently to help it penetrate.

Personalised advice

At-home coaching

Apply your Green Flash live with other flashettes.