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Weak or brittle nails? Test our Nail Care Recovery Ritual

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Be gone fragile, damaged nails! Discover our nail recovery ritual designed to revitalize, soften and strengthen your nails.

Our nails go through ALOT! Repeated manicures, frequent application of polish or gels, excessive sanding and filing, use of poor quality products, hormonal changes, over exposure to humidity, and even our dietary choices and social life. All of this can really take a toll, and not only alter the quality of our nails but prevent our polish from holding up.

It is essential to give them a well deserved break by introducing and establishing a care and recovery routine in your daily life.

Here you will find our premium 5-step treatment routine specifically designed to increase nail health and improve polish wear time. This can be carried out regularly before applying a base treatment , Green colored polish, or after applying a damaging traditional gel polish.

Step 1 / Prepare your Nails

File your nails with the softer side of the Manucurist Nail file (100/180 emery board), and apply a few drops of Cuticle Softener and allow to sit for a minute before gently pushing back cuticles. This will reveal the full nail and create a clean surface for a base treatment or polish to be applied to while preventing premature chipping or lifting.

Next, use the Nail Buffer Sponge to open nail fibers, activate cellular exchanges, promote nail growth and smooth the nail surface for a seamless color application. Always buff the nail in the direction of growth to avoid damage and splitting. This step is essential to make sure the nail fibers will absorb all the nutrients from the care products applied in the following steps.

Step 2 / Deeply Nourish

Apply a generous amount of Green Oil, massage the nails and cuticles then apply a pea sized amount of Rose Balm with fingers or a brush to the back of your hands. Wrap your hands in a warm towel for 5 minutes to open pores and stimulate absorption.

Product Tips
The combination of these two products, ultra rich in ingredients and actives that nourish and heal, paired with heat from the hand towel, will guarantee deep nourishment and optimal results.

Step 3 / Degrease

Massage your hands using the excess Rose balm and Green Oil left on the skin, then degrease the nails using a cotton ball or pad soaked in Green Flash Remover.

Step 4 / Regenerate and Hydrate

Finish the care portion of this routine by applying The Complete Serum on each nail, then massage until completely absorbed.

Product Tip
Concentrated with actives in a water based formula, The Complete Serum deeply penetrates into the nail plate to hydrate and reinforce nail fibers.

Step 5 / Treat & Renforce

Finish your treatment by applying a Base Treatment adapted to your nail type and needs. Weak, soft, ridged, or brittle… each nail type deserves a specific treatment.

Not sure which base to choose?
Check out our Nail Diagnostic Tool to find your nail type and base treatment to finish this recovery routine and keep your nails happy, healthy and glowing✨

For a shiny and tangy finish, you can also replace the base coat with one to two coats of Active Glow. Enriched with AHA, raspberry extract, and sweet almond oil, this perfecting nail polish restores and nourishes the nails while adorning them with a unique rosy Glow.