Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most frequently asked questions.


🤔 Where is my package?

You can track the progress of your order via our interface:

📦 How much does delivery cost and how long does it take?

🇬🇧 Due to Brexit, please see the adjusted shipping methods and fees, in order to ensure deliverability of your order below:

For delivery in the United Kingdom

Standard delivery in 7-9 business days at £3.90 and FREE delivery when you spend over £39.

For delivery in Guernsey / Jersey / Isle of Man

Standard Delivery in 7-9 business days at £9.90 and FREE delivery when you spend over £39.

🔍 Where can I find my carrier tracking number?

In the “Manucurist order shipping update” email
Once the carrier has collected your package, you will receive an email with an update of your order status and your carrier tracking number.

If we're sending your package abroad, don't worry if your tracking isn't updated instantly. The carrier often waits until it arrives in its destination country before updating your tracking number.

Or in your customer account
If you created a customer account when you placed your order, your carrier tracking number will be shown there under “My orders”.

Or on the order tracking page
By entering your name and postcode: If no tracking number is available, it means your order has not yet been collected by the carrier.

📭 My package shows as delivered but I haven’t received it. Is this normal?

It’s possible that one of your neighbours or the concierge of your building took it in for you. Don’t forget to ask them! If not, it may be that the carrier updated the delivery status before delivering the package. Please allow at least 1 more business day for it to arrive!

If it still hasn’t come, feel free to contact us by clicking here, so we can find a solution together :)


✏️ Can I change my order (products, contact details, address, etc.)?

Unfortunately, once you have placed your order, you cannot change the items ordered.

🌸 Can I cancel my order?

With a little luck, your order won’t yet have been processed by our logistics coordinator. In this case only, we will be able to cancel it if you contact us by clicking here.

🙊 What should I do if there’s an item missing from my order or something is broken or faulty?

Check whether your package was open or damaged before you opened it, and take photos of the outside and contents. Then contact us by clicking here and we will find a solution for you!

🔑 How can I access my account if I lose my password?

You should click on ‘Forgot password?’ on the login page. We will then send a link to your email address so you can reset your password. If you have any problems, you can contact us by clicking here.

🚚 I placed my order at the weekend; when will it be sent?

Our warehouse is open from Monday to Friday. All orders placed on Saturday or Sunday are processed on Monday. If it's a public holiday, your order is processed the following day.


💞 What is your return policy?

We accept returns for new, unopened and unused products within 15 days of receipt of order. To make an exchange, you can follow the standard return procedure and then place a new order.

🔙 How do I make a return?

Please download our return form right here. Once completed, it should be placed inside your return package. We will then process your return as quickly as possible.

Any new, unused items can be returned.

If a product return is lost, stolen or damaged in transit, we reserve the right to withhold reimbursement.

Promo code & Discount

💎 How do I use my promo code? Can I use more than one on the same order?

Once your basket is ready and you are entering your delivery address, you will see a field on the right for entering and applying your promo code. Please note that you can only use one promo code per order.

🛍 I confirmed my order but I forgot to enter my promotional code.

Unfortunately, once you have confirmed your order we cannot add any type of promotional code, goodies or discount to the order total. Also, our special offers cannot always be combined.


💳 What payment methods does Manucurist accept?

We accept credit and debit cards, PayPal and Amazon Pay.

🔒 Why did my payment fail?

First of all,check your credit card expiry date

If it’s a new card, you sometimes have to withdraw money or make an in-store payment before you can use it online.

If you’ve tried several time and/or several cards, try with a new email address, or use another payment method (e.g. PayPal).

If you are placing a large order, check the credit limit on your card.

Our products

🇫🇷 Where are your products made?

All our products are made in France, with the sole exception of our LED lamps. (Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a manufacturer in Europe, so we have them shipped from overseas by boat).

🌱 Are your products natural?

Our product ranges are green and clean with up to 84% bio-sourced ingredients (of natural origin). They are also free of endocrine disruptors, monomers and hydroquinone.

🐰 Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

Of course! Our products contain no ingredients of animal origin or that have been tested on animals.

🌽 How can I find out what ingredients are in your products?

You will find the full list of ingredients on the “Ingredients” tab of the product description page.

💅 What is the difference between your Green and Green Flash ranges?

Our Green range is a range of regular nail polishes. Our Green Flash polishes need to cure under an LED lamp and last for up to 10 days!

🙅‍♀️ Is the Green Flash range compatible with the Green range? And with other brands?

All products from the Green Flash range are made to work together ONLY. So you should never mix them with products from other ranges or brands, as it won't work.

💪 What is the best way to store my Green/Green Flash polish?

You should try to open it as little as possible and close it as quickly as possible! A little tip to beat the heat: the fridge is the best place to keep it! Reducing the temperature helps prevent the polish from evaporating and slows down the rate at which the ingredients deteriorate. If this isn’t possible, our official Green Flash thinner will make your Green Flash polish smooth again!

🌈 Do you have any tips and advice on using Green Flash?

How long your Green Flash polish lasts depends on what you do with your hands and your nail type. What type of nails do you have? Complete our analysis by clicking here and find out!

For maximum staying power, we recommend that you:

Remove any oil from your nails using a gentle, acetone-free nail polish remover.

Apply VERY thin coats of polish (only pass the brush once over each part of the nail).

If the coats are sufficiently thin, the curing time indicated should be long enough (don’t be surprised if the base coat is still a bit sticky after a minute).

Cap the nail by running the brush lightly over the tip.

⚡️ It’s very difficult to remove my Green Flash polish. Is this normal?

Absolutely not!

Soak 10 small cotton pads (the size of your nails) in gentle, acetone-free nail polish remover, like our Green Flash Nail Polish Remover.

Press a cotton pad onto each nail (you can use our wraps or clips to hold them in place). Each nail should be completely covered by its soaked pad.

Wait for 1-2 minutes without touching them.

Remove them one by one and the nail polish should come off with them!

If there is still some base coat left, you can repeat the process for a few seconds.

💡 Which lamp should I use to cure my Green Flash nail polish?

For the Green Flash range, only LED lamp with an output of at least 18W will be suitable, like our travel lamp (18W) or our pro lamp (36W). The curing time will depend on the power of your lamp!

😬 What should I do if I have a problem with my lamp?

Does your lamp no longer come on? Is it flickering? Contact our team by clicking here!

All our lamps come with a 2 years guarantee.

🤰 Can you use Green Flash when you’re pregnant?

Our product ranges are green and clean with up to 84% bio-sourced ingredients. They are also free of endocrine disruptors, monomers and hydroquinone. However, women should avoid all types of nail polish when they are pregnant. We recommend you speak to a healthcare professional for further advice.

🤧 Can using Green Flash cause allergies?

We have had excellent feedback about the fact that Green Flash does not cause any adverse reactions. However, we cannot guarantee that no-one will have a reaction. We recommend you test the polish on a small area of the nail and wait for 48 hours. Remove it, then wait another 48 hours. If there is no adverse reaction, you can use Green Flash no problem.

🔆 What is the difference between the 18W lamp and the 36W lamp?

The 36W lamp is more powerful. This means you can half the curing time to 20 minutes. The travel lamp is easy to transport and ideal for frequent travellers, but the curing time is 40 minutes.

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