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MAN-icure trends Express your style !

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Constantly evolving, fashion standards have long transcended stereotypes. Wearing nail polish is no longer the prerogative of rock stars, models or rappers! Open to all and more widely accepted than in previous years, the manicure is now a practice that more and more men are embracing. Nail and hand care products open up a whole new world of possibilities, whether for skin care purposes, to complement their style or to help them develop their creativity.

Throughout history, it is interesting to note that nail polish has never been exclusively reserved to women. In fact, as far back as antiquity, nail ornamentation was a symbol of social status and synonymous with power in ancient Egypt, or as a warrior symbol for Babylonians who used various vegetable dyes to stain their nails. Over the centuries this practice of nail painting and dying specifically for men took a backseat in popular western culture, until being iconically revived in the 1970s by musicians and artists such as David Bowie, Prince and Kurt Cobain. Their style was elevated by integrating nail polish, almost seen as an act of societal rebellion to challenge the established norms of the time.
Today, it is more than just a trend, manicures and nail art transcend genres and are no longer preserved for only artists, musicians, fashion icons or rock stars. Whether it is to take care of your hands or to assert your style, everyone can enjoy a manicure, especially with manicurist who offers ranges and colours that are unisex and gender neutral! Everyone deserves to express their style with colour, and have healthy, happy hands and nails.

Nail Care Trends

Maintaining nail health

Often put to the test by our daily activities, hands and nails for men - like women - need to be regularly nourished, moisturized, strengthened and protected. Taking care of your hands, skin and nails has no gender and manucurist has a unique range of nail care products designed to keep them healthy.
We don’t always think about it but nails are made of the same proteins and fibers as hair and even the enamel on your teeth. We all know that despite gender, taking care of hair and teeth is essential, and this should be the same approach taken toward nail and hand health.

Frequent hand washing, prolonged contact with water or aggressive cleaning products can damage the nail plate and dry out the cuticles that protect them. A skincare / hand care routine is therefore not a luxury if you want to preserve hand health, nail health or even offer the best base to have nail polish last longer.

Moisturize and Nourish

Designed to provide intense hydration, deeply nourish nail plates and restore nail health, manucurist complete serum and green oil are essential allies in any daily hand routine. Used after a shower or hand wash, or as a complement to hand cream, this combo is enriched with active ingredients and specific oils that are powerful and deeply nourish nail and cuticle fibers to offer hydration and protection.

Protect and Treat

The best way to protect nails from external aggression and humidity is to use a base coat. This is the perfect way to protect, enhance and treat natural nails, and luckily all manucurist base coats are enriched with essential actives and super ingredients which preserve, nourish and strengthen. All you have to do is make a choice using our nail diagnosis tool to find out what kind of nails you have and which routine is best your you!

Enhance your Nails’ Natural Beauty

Some bases have a 2-in-1 function, where they will also erase small nail imperfections. This is the case with Manucurist’s Smoothing Base which is specifically formulated for ridged nails and lightly tinted to even out nail surfaces while moisturizing and strengthening them.
For fans of natural wear, the Active Glow is perfect for enhancing the natural colour of nails while acting as a nail treatment due to its formula infused with AHA, raspberry extract and sweet almond oil.

Au Natural or Boldly Coloured :
What "MANicure” look will you go for ?

Whether you are looking for a discreet manicure or a bolder, more avant-garde look, you can be sure of one thing: the colour palette of Green & Green Flash polishes, designed for everyone always regardless of gender, will let you explore your own style and express yourself to the full. So get inspired and above all, let your desires carry you forward!

Want to get started but don’t know how ?
Don’t panic. First, because we have plenty of tutorials! Our polish textures are fluid and easy to apply, and our dense round brushes hug the nail perfectly for easy application, even for beginners!
Last but not least… If you get stuck, you can always correct minor application faults in the blink of an eye with our Corrector Pen!

Look Bicoloure Green Flash Iris & Moon
by @luca.buttiglieri

Worried it won’t last?
Try the Green Flash Innovation! Just like gel, LED polish will give your manicure great resistance and hold for up to 10 days. And unlike conventional gels, with Green Flash there is no risk of allergies, and total respect for your nails’ health. You only need one minute to remove it, using our gentle acetone-free remover that hydrates instead of drying out your nails.
With Nail base treatments, hand care products and 60+ colours to choose from, It’s just up to you to decide which man-icure you want!

Full man-icure Bronzé by @nicolaskuttler

Are you tempted by natural shades or by the discreet, iridescent charm of a shade like Bronzé, perfect for bringing a little surprise and edge to your look. Play with the perfect match for your outfits, try something bold, or keep it simple… the choice is yours, and diversity is always in the spotlight.

Full Navy Blue by @Vincent Ramonet

Everyone has their own preferences in terms of colours, textures and finishes. It’s up to you to choose the right Top Coat to personalize your manicure and give it the finishing touch it deserves. Will you opt for the velvety effect of the Matte Top Coat or the glossy effect of our Top Coat Sunshine?

Nail Art for men

Will you dare to be original by offering yourself the opportunity to create unique nail art? After all, the beauty of fashion also lies in the freedom to express oneself without limits. That’s how Manucurist showed up at the end of A$AP Rocky’s nails to sublimate a Gucci look, thanks to the talented nail artist @kimkimnails

@asaprocky x @gucci
Nailart Crème, Chestnut & Snow by @kimkimnails

The good news is that with the right tools, this form of creative expression is also open to everyone! You can push back the boundaries of fashion and beauty by experimenting with nail art!

Before you start, of course make sure you have all the right tools! Slip a Nail Art Brush into your tool kit, irreplaceable for creating fine, precise lines, drawing detailed patterns or making delicate strokes. And don't forget a Dotting Tool, a small instrument with rounded ends that can be used to create dots of different sizes and add unique texture effects.