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Why Do I Need a Top Coat ?

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Would you like to prolong the wear time of your manicure? Protect from bumps, cracks and early chipping? Don’t forget a top coat! This finishing layer is a must to preserve your manicure, and in addition some top coats can even add a unique finishing texture or effect. Let’s talk all about it…

A Top coat is a polish used as a last layer for a manicure routine. It is generally transparent and applies on top of the coloured polish coats. This final step adds a layer of protection to your look and helps your manicure resist chipping, smudging and budging.
But that is not all!

Top Coat: Steps to Success!

Similar to how a base coat is important to apply at the beginning of a manicure routine in order to prolong polish wear time and protect your nails from damage, the application of a top coat is essential to protecting the colour coats from chipping or nails from breaking.

Don’t forget the ABCs of a successful manicure, here are our 4 essential steps:

STEP 1- Nail prep!! Be sure to degrease the nails with a remover (Try Green Flash Acetone Free Soothing Remover) to ease polish application and optimize hold.

STEP 2- Apply one thin layer of base coat to protect the keratin fibers on the surface of your nails as well as provide a layer for the polish to easily stick to.

STEP 3- Apply 2 thin layers of colour to optimize the wear and colour of your polish.

STEP 4- Apply 1 layer of Top Coat to seal in the colour and protect your manicure and give the finishing texture that you want (glossy or matte)

The Finishing Touch

Top coats can add the perfect finishing touch to the appearance of your manicure. Choose a finishing effect like Matte or Glossy… Top coats can therefore transform the appearance of your polish so it is just up to you to choose!

In terms of resistance and durability, a quality top coat can also help to protect your polish from chipping or fading too quickly and as a bonus, most top coats will help your manicure to dry quicker.

To take advantage of these benefits you need to of course apply your polish properly… including coating the top edge of your nail to lock the polish to the nail. Lastly, always make sure your manicure is completely dry before returning to your activities.

Now you know why it is so important to use a top coat, discover the different types of top coats there are to try and apply!

6 Reasons to Use a Top Coat

  • Provides optimum protection against scratches;
  • Extends the life of your manicure;
  • Improves polish resistance;
  • Seals in Nail Art and designs;
  • Accelerates manicure drying;
  • Finishing effects that enhance the final manicure look.

Top coat Sunshine :
Record drying time WITHOUT a lamp

Looking for long-lasting shine with express drying times? Use the top coat sunshine with our Green nail polish range to achieve a perfect “gel-effect” manicure in record time.

How ?
The Top Coat Sunshine features an innovative formula that includes photoinitiators that react with natural UV rays when applied. This reaction accelerates drying time and hardens the polish almost instantly giving your manicure a lamp-free “gel effect”.

Formulated with up to 84% Plant-Based ingredients, it guarantees a brilliant shine and exceptionally long wear for your manicure for up to 7 days!

Make it Matte

Prefer a more textured matte instead of a glossy finish? Give your Green or Green Flash manicure a unique velvety finish with the Matte Top Coat. Easy to apply at the end of the manicure, a single coat is all you need to achieve the desired, streak-free effect, all while prolonging the life of your polish.

Want to create nail art that features unexpected contrasting textures and details? Top coat matte will be your new best friend. Apply with a Nail Art Brush and create details and designs on the nails… for example, cover the nail in Top Coat Matte and add a French Top with a Glossy top coat for a distinctive look. Elegant and subtle, but unexpected and unique.

Top coat LED Green Flash

Fans of extra-long lasting hold and polish wear time will naturally opt for the Green Flash experience, finished of course with the Green Flash Top Coat. Its dries immediately under LED light and, like all Green Flash polishes, it is extremely resistant and long-lasting. The Green Flash innovation and its top coat offers the advantages similar to gel but without the drawbacks such as damage from removal. It will last up to 10 days without loss of shine and is always removable in 1 minute with our gentle, Acetone-Free polish remover.

So now you understand why a Top Coat is not only essential but also fun! Enjoy our selection of top coats for long-lasting, pro-like manicures at home!

Colour Refresher: Prolonged ultra-shine!

Green Flash Colour Refresher Top Coat instantly revives colour and prolongs the shine of Green Flash manicures.
Immediately upon application - in the blink of an eye - its unique formula reacts with natural UV rays for “gel-effect” shine without the need for a lamp.
A must have for long lasting manicures everywhere you go! Slip into your purse or travel bag for an express touch up.. even on vacation!