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Pro Lamp

Apply your Green Flash in a flash using our Pro lamp.

Less portable but much quicker than its little sister, the pro lamp helps you apply your Green Flash colours in next to no time.

This expert lamp is all you need for an exceptional manicure in less than 20 minutes, lasting for up to 10 days.
Frequent travellers and those in less of a hurry can opt for the travel lamp.

Can be used with: the Base Coat, a Green Flash colour and the Top Coat!

Only 3120 items in stock!

Pro Lamp

Only 3120 items in stock!
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Eco-friendly packagingDelivered in 100% corn-starch packaging chips


  • Up to 84% bio-sourced ingredients
    Plant-based ingredients extracted from natural, renewable sources
  • Made in France
    Products made in France
  • Vegan
    Our aim is to develop products without using ingredients that come from animals or the farming of animals
  • 12-free
    Green Flash
  • Eco-friendly packaging
    Recyclable packaging, FSC cardboard and biodegradable packing peanuts
  • No toxic ingredients
    Products formulated based on a strict blacklist


Protocol We tell you everything!

  1. 1 layer of base coat + 1 min under the lamp
  2. 2 coats of colour + 1 min for each coat
  3. 1 layer of top coat + 2 min under the lamp et voilà!

The word of the teaM

"Ideal for fast application"


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No, Green Flash polishes only cure under an LED lamp of at least 18W.

We recommend you use an LED lamp of at least 18W. Make sure you adjust the curing time if your lamp is more powerful.

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The choice is yours!

Pro Lamp


  • Application in 20 minutes
  • Application in half the time
  • 21 LED bulbs
"Ideal for fast application"

Travel Lamp


  • Application in 40 minutes
  • Easier to transport
  • 9 LED bulbs
"Ideal for travel"

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