How to remove your Green Flash gel nail polish without damaging your nails

How to remove your Green Flash gel nail polish without damaging your nails

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We know you're nervous about this step, and we don't blame you! Many of you have had a bad experience when it comes to removing your gel nail polish, resulting in damaged, yellow or split nails. The joy of wearing nail polish that dries immediately and lasts several days is soon replaced by disappointment. Removing gel nail polish has become an obstacle to wearing it, but does it deserve its bad rap?

This article is a chance for you to find out all the facts.

A removal process you'd rather do without

It's true that removing "classic" gel nail polish can be long, fiddly and painful. When you remove your polish using a nail drill or acetone-based remover, the polish isn't the only thing under attack. But how come?

Acetone is a solvent and, as its name suggests, it dissolves things. When you apply it to your nails, it dissolves the resin in your nail polish, which removes it. But this isn't a gentle removal method, and here's why.

Our nails are covered with a natural oily film that nourishes them and helps protect them from external aggressors. Also, the nail contour is partly composed of water. Applying acetone dissolves the oily film on the nail and dries out the nail contour. And harsh substances can weaken your nails, leading to complications.

But there's no need to panic! With Green Flash, you can say goodbye to nail drills and excessive filing. And au revoir to acetone! Our gel nail polish has been specially formulated to be gently removed.

Green Flash, the first clean gel nail polish that can be removed like ordinary polish!

97% bio-sourced and formulated without acetone, our Green Flash nail polish remover works quickly and gently. Its castor oil-enriched formula with its delicate floral fragrance moisturises and cares for your nails. It’s child's play!

Before you start removing your polish, make sure you read and follow the steps below. Never peel or scratch off your polish before removing it, as this risks removing the layers of keratin that protect the surface of your nail.


Step 1

Cut 10 pieces of cotton pad to fit your nails.

Step 2

Soak each cotton pad in our acetone-free nail polish remover.

Step 3

Apply a cotton pad to each nail and leave on for one minute, pressing down firmly. We'll be launching a new accessory to help with this step very soon, so stay tuned!

Step 4

Rub gently from left to right, pulling towards the outer edge of the nail to avoid leaving residue on your cuticles.

Step 5

If any base coat residue remains, rub it off with a cotton pad soaked in Green Flash nail polish remover.

Finish off the removal process with some Green Oil to nourish the nail and nail contour.
Et voilà! ‍🧚‍♀️ Changing colour has never been easier ⚡️

Watch a video of these steps by clicking here.