Tips and tricks for a green and clean beauty

Yucatán Collection

Destination Mexico for an ultra-graphic and creative journey. Bask in the sun and the excitement of new colors and textures that welcome the feeling of spring all the way to your fingertips. Manicures destined to be ultra creative and bold.. without moderation!

Manucurist x
Paris Fashion Week

Now that Fashion Week is over, we’re sure of one thing - you’re going to love Autumn-Winter 2024! Manucurist was also on stage, bringing extra style to the latest fashion trends... Delve into a week of incredible looks and performances from top nail artists paired with the collections of the world’s leading brands.

What is the Purpose of a Base Coat?

You may have been asking yourself this question: Why exactly do I need a base coat for my manicure? With all the nail products on the market, including different types of base coats for gel & traditional polish, it can be confusing to understand what exactly is necessary in terms of a healthy nail, hand and manicure routine. Do not worry, we are here to help!

Wild Winter Collection

Are you wondering which nail polish colours will look good with your winter outfits? What could be better than these colours celebrating nature at its peak? Discover a timeless collection designed to take you back to basics. Colours with magnetic pigments that reconnect you with the earth and reach for the sky. Ready for the journey?

Life is better with glitters!

Whether you're more glittery than Beyoncé or more glazed than Hailey, you're destined to dazzle with our new special effect powders. Chrome effect, glazed donut, glitter... whatever your preference, bold nail art is now child's play! Make your manicure shine like never before!

Looking for that perfect gift? Follow the guide!

To make an impression under the Christmas tree 🎄 Manucurist has some great inspiration and a magic tool that will help you find the perfect gift in just 3 clicks 🎁! Bright colours, pampering skincare, manicure essentials, glitter... there's something to suit every taste and budget!

All New and All Organic! Our Hand & Body Care Duo

Because nothing is too good for your skin, Manucurist has created a complete skincare duo to gently cleanse and deeply hydrate. Time to meet our Artisan Soap and Botanical Hand & Body Cream. Certified organic, enriched with super ingredients and delicately fragranced, they can be used liberally every day.

A Pink and Proactive October at Manucurist

Because women's health is a priority for Manucurist, we have chosen to donate all the profits from our "La Vie En Rose" collection to the Pink Ribbon charity to help support research into breast cancer.

HEMA-free? What does that mean?

As you no doubt already know, Green Flash is 12-free and its formula contains no controversial molecules harmful to your health. Green Flash contains no HEMA monomers or Di-HEMA TMHDC: two sensitising substances prohibited from sale to the public since September 2021.

HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC: two sensitising molecules prohibited from sale to the general public.

Green Flash: the risk-free alternative that fully complies with the regulation. The result of extensive research and development work, Green Flash by Manucurist complies with the regulation, is authorised for sale to the public and contains no HEMA monomers or Di-HEMA TMHDC.

Sensitivity and allergies: be careful what you put on your nails!

Allergic to gel polish? HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC are the guilty parties. A lot of gel polishes can cause allergies and you may well have paid the price! The culprits? Two little molecules called HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC monomers.

Colour Therapy: learn the language of colour and find out what your favourite colours say about you!

But did you know that we are only aware of 20% of the colour choices we make? Yet at any given moment we are making choices: deciding what to wear, what to eat, what to buy, how to relax and even how to have our coffee.

Rose Balm: your natural go-to for everyday pampering

Your skin has to put up with a lot, from extreme temperatures and changing seasons to stress, pollution... "3-in-1" New Rose Balm, a multipurpose product you won't want your bathroom (or your handbag) to be without!

Manucurist and Thea Jewelry redefine love

What if 14 February was an opportunity to celebrate self-love and love for the people we admire? One of the reasons Gaëlle Lebrat-Personnaz and Émilie Duchêne get along so well is that they have made the same long journey through confidence and self-love to fulfil their dreams.

The Latte manicure: What is it and how do you do it?

For several years, nail art has been inspiring and attracting more and more fans. And for good reason: manicures have never been as arty as they are now! Hot on the heels of the celestial and baby boomer manicure comes latte nail art, ready to kick-start your 2022.

Green by Manucurist - tested and certified

Vegan Society, Ecocert, FSC, GOTS... let's take a closer look at the different labels and certifications our products have obtained and what guarantees they offer.

Ta-da! We proudly present... our Hand Cream

We have made our dream come true and created a hand cream. It's the one you won't want to be without—the perfect cream for hydrating your hands in any situation. For two years, we have put all our energy into developing THE perfect formula! It's green, it's 100% made in France and it works: meet our new Manucurist Hand Cream.

What is Green Flash?

We've been talking about it for over a year: Green Flash is our pride and joy—the innovation we didn't dare dream about!

Soft, ridged or easily breakable nails? It's time to talk about nail imperfections!

Our nails have a hard life! Today, the teaM will give you the lowdown on the good habits that will help keep your nails healthy all year round!

A chat with Calixte, our autumn muse

A September morning in Paris. Calixte's nails are adorned with our new colours: Shell Beige and Navy Blue. Between takes, Manucurist took the time to chat with our autumn muse. Photo model and adopted Parisian Calixte talks to us about her nail care routine, favourite colours and Parisian haunts.

Paris, mon amour. A new take on red, white and blue

This autumn, Manucurist is making the City of Light its own. A stroll to a museum and then a quick stop for coffee to the sweet sound of an accordion, with the glittering city as a backdrop. Welcome to Paris!