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Trend Alert: Soap Nails

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Discover the freshest nail trend that you are about to start seeing everywhere in 2024… Soap Nails! The Soap Nail look draws inspiration from the “clean girl”, “vanilla girl”, and “quit luxury” aesthetics to create a manicure that is simple and easy to maintain, yet elegant and opulent.

Why “Soap” Nails?

The name comes from the way the manicured nails give off the feeling of being freshly washed, and squeaky clean, while alluding to the idea of luxury, since they appear perfectly prepped, buffed, smoothed and filed. The colour hues for this trend lean toward “barely-there’” with milky shades of white or beige, and glossy tints of baby pink. The distinguishing factor is the ultra-glossy finish, which makes the nails glow with an almost wet-like quality, like bubbles in a bubble bath.

Clean, chic and minimal, the Soap Nail trend takes on many different styles

The trend can also be seen on the catwalk: Soap Nails were spotted at the latest Jacquemus "Les Sculptures" show, where nail artist @cam.t.artist used Manucurist Active Glow.

Our nude and Active Glow range accompanied the most beautiful outfits on the Jacquemus catwalk this winter.

The good news is that we can all indulge in luxury at our fingertips by following the 3 key principles of a successful Soap Nail manicure: never neglect nail prep, choose the right base and opt for the perfect neutral shade!
It's up to you ...

Get the Look

1. Nail Prep is Key!

Starting with nail prep is always the most important step to creating a healthy manicure look, so matter how simple or elaborate. Use a Cuticle Softener and gently push back or remove cuticles with a Steel Cuticle Pusher to reveal the entire nail plate and prevent premature peeling or chipping. File nails to the desired length and buff to create a smooth surface for the gloss to lay over.

Discover the complete prep kit with everything you need all in one!

2. The Perfect Base

The glossy finish of this look relies heavily on the smoothness of the nails. Be sure to apply a thin even layer of base coat to start with a smooth surface. If you have ridged or bumpy nails and want to create a Green Traditional-Style polish look, try the Manucurist’s Smoothing Base which helps to blur the nails’ imperfections with its slight pastel peach pigment. It features moringa seed oil to help nourish and repair the nails while a biodegradable ridge filling agent, made from natural castor oil, smooths the nail surface.

The Smoothing Base blurs imperfections and files nail ridges while nourishing nail keratin fibers.

Discover our other treatment bases (to be used for a Green traditional-style manicure), scientifically formulated to strengthen brittle nails, revive extremely damaged nails and fortify healthy nails. Not sure which treatment is best for you? Use our diagnostic tool here!

3. Choose your soapy shade

When it comes to creation, we draw inspiration from social media to create the look that speaks to us most, adding a few creative variations if need be. Will you be tempted by a Soft Winter ambience in blossom and hortenica hues? Are you more into pink nails? Or would you like to try some creative nail art in a mini French or half moon version? Opt for a creamy, semi-translucent shade of white such as Manucurist Milky White, or a sheer pale pink like Manucurist Hortencia. The colour should either be similar to your natural skin tone/nail tone, or have a translucent quality that allows your natural colour to show through.

Choose a transparent or neutral shade that allows your nails’ natural tone to shine!

4. Glossy Top

Finish with a top coat to seal in the look and give the final ultra-glowy, glossy finish that is iconic for this trend.

Optional: The All-in-One

With the best-selling Active Glow, you can create the Soap Nail look using one single product! Formulated with naturally nourishing and rejuvenating actives from raspberry extract and sweet almond oil, this all-in-one treatment colour and care polish gives the nails an ultra glossy glow, while enhancing the nails natural peachy pink undertones.

Active Glow gives you the Soap Nail look with just one product!