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Ready to GLOW ?

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The first nail corrector and care product with a rosy, glowy tint! Active Glow nourishes and regenerates your nails by giving them a shiny, plump finish in a tangy grapefruit tone.
Discover how to get the most out of this new cocktail of powerful actives for lustrous, luminous nails, full of life!

A hybrid of color and care, Active Glow is a nail perfector, highly concentrated with natural actives for a final formula made of 85.5% plant-based ingredients.

A strong cocktail of care

This cocktail of green ingredients is intended to boost the health and brightness of the nails and includes:

  • Sweet Almond Oil: Intensely moisturizing

  • Raspberry Extracts: Soothing and regenerating

  • AHA: Restores and revitalizes even the most fragile nails

Natural Radiance Booster

Designed to protect and reinforce nail fibers, Active Glow gives an exceptional luminosity to your nails, while plumping the nail shape and providing a French style rosy glow effect.

Tested and Loved ✨

Tested during 3 weeks by a panel of 20 people, Active Glow unanimously adored, with users claiming their nails were perfectly nourished (100%), in better health, repaired, fortified and protected (95%).

Convincing results with raving reviews :

“My nails are impeccable! The surface is smooth and soft to the touch while also being harder and stronger!
“My nails are more beautiful than ever! I love the soft rosy glow”
“My nails were completely repaired and I saw improvements right after the first application. Softer, with a beautiful color after one coat - they feel nourished and regenerated

Healthy Glow… Approved!

Use the Active Glow polish like a base for naked nails and apply one to two coats depending on the desired result.

For the best effect and the most ultra glowy finish, apply on healthy, prepped nails.

For an ultra-hydrating nail revival, start by filing your nails.

  • Apply a few drops of cuticle softener before gently pushing back cuticles for a clean nail outline

  • Apply a moisturizing serum like the Serum Complet and massage to promote absorption

  • And voilà, your nails are fully moisturized and ready to be adorned with an ultra-glowy finish

  • Choose the number of coats you want to apply based on your desired effect

“Aura Nails” with Pétula in 4 steps

1 - Apply one coat of Glow

2 - Use a small makeup sponge and put one layer of petula in the middle of your nail followed by a layer of glow to soften the color

3 - Tap until you have the desired effect

4 - Finish with one layer of glow

Et voila, let’s glow ✨