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Ta-da! We proudly present... our Hand Cream

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We have made our dream come true and created a hand cream. It's the one you won't want to be without—the perfect cream for hydrating your hands in any situation. For two years, we have put all our energy into developing THE perfect formula! It's green, it's 100% made in France and it works: meet our new Manucurist Hand Cream.

Today, our hands are our first line of defence against health threats. With our heavy reliance on hand sanitiser and endless hand washing, our poor hands deserve the very best. That's why this product, developed with Green Girls and industry professionals, will be a must-have in your handbag, on your desk and on your bedside table for rebalancing your dehydrated skin!

A natural, certified formula

Nothing's too good for your hands.

We know a thing or two about hands! That's why we wanted our hand cream to be awarded the highest level of organic certification. It meets the requirements of the Ecocert Cosmos Organic label, which ensures its production and processing are carried out in an environmentally friendly and health conscious way, natural resources are used responsibly, biodiversity is preserved and harmful ingredients are strictly prohibited.

Amazing texture and performance.

This unique formula is made from 98.7% ingredients of natural origin and 22% organically grown ingredients.

We've only used high-quality, natural ingredients to ensure the texture and sensory experience is second to none:

  • Lily and aloe vera extracts for hydration and softness
  • Rapeseed wax for a soft, light texture
  • Mimosa wax to make the cream fluid and the skin supple

Conclusive results.

To make sure the last two years of product development haven't affected our objectivity, we decided to ask an independent laboratory to test the effectiveness of our hand creams. The results are conclusive! Here are some key figures*:

Uncompromising performance:

  • 96% said their skin felt repaired
  • 96% said their skin was softer and smoother
  • 95% said their skin was protected

The perfect texture:

  • 100% said the product was instantly absorbed
  • 100% said the formula was pleasant
  • 100% said the product left no greasy or sticky residue.

Tested by a sample group of 22 people over 21 days

Flowers forever...

And that's not all! Our three addictive fragrances have been developed by a French nose. They're called Rose Nouvelle, Fleur D'Orange and Lavande Vraie. You're going to love them all—but which one is yours?

Rose Nouvelle

A soak in a bath of fresh Damascus rose petals lifted by lemony notes. Try this fresh, modern take on the unmistakable rose fragrance.

Fleur D'Orange

A soft, comforting fragrance with touches of fruity orange and delicate orange blossom enhanced by notes of honey and bergamot.

Lavande Vraie

An aromatic green fragrance inspired by lavender fields with surprising botanical notes.
An invitation to travel through the lands of Provence.

Funky recyclable packaging

New Rose, Orange Blossom et Real Lavender come in aluminium tubes in funky colours that hold a generous 60 ml and are 100% recyclable.

Our boxes are made from cardboard from sustainably managed forests and our labels from FSC-certified paper. All made in France!

You're going to love them, and so will your hands!