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Green by Manucurist - tested and certified

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Here at Manucurist, we're green addicts and proud of it! Because we know this word is so much more than a simple slogan designed to create buzz. When we talk about our environmental commitments and our bio-sourced products that are good for you and the planet, we're not talking hot air! Need some proof? Let's take a closer look at the different labels and certifications our products have obtained and what guarantees they offer.

For years we have been working with different certification bodies who are authorities in environmental protection and sustainable development. Obtaining this type of label is recognition of the quality of our formulas and guarantees that our production system meets criteria that are important to us. It also shows you that we are transparent, trustworthy and serious about what we do.

Vegan nail polish and nail care products

What exactly is a vegan product? According to the Vegan Society, it's a product that meets the following three criteria:

  • it contains no animal or animal-derived ingredients,
  • it has not been tested on animals,
  • there are no animal or animal-derived ingredients in its packaging.

We think these three criteria are of the utmost importance and we rigorously adhere to them in our product design and production. That's why our Green polishes, our Green Flash gel polishes and our entire nail care product range are not only bio-sourced but also carry the Vegan Society's Vegan label. This includes our nail art brushes: we chose to use synthetic bristles because the bristles are usually made from sable for a more precise application. We refused to do this.
We should also mention that our Green Flash Base Coat will carry this label from 2022.

High-level organic certification for your hands

When we created our range of hand care products, we had an ambitious goal: that every product in the range would meet the most stringent organic certification requirements. So, when we developed our Manucurist Hand Cream, we worked to the specifications of the Cosmos Organic label. Awarded to natural, organic cosmetics, it imposes strict standards in terms of eco-friendly materials and the recycling of containers, and guarantees the absence of any GMOs or petrochemical-based ingredients. In addition, to be awarded the label a product must contain:

  • at least 95% ingredients of natural origin,
  • at least 20% organically grown ingredients.

No problem for our Hand Cream, which easily earned its Cosmos certification. Give it a big hand!

Even our accessories are certified

We've come so far... it made sense to go further and make sure all our products were produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way, right down to our accessories.
Consequently, our pretty pouches and beautiful bags all carry the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) label, which guarantees they were made using environmentally friendly production processes and organic fibres, with no hazardous inputs such as heavy metals.
The labels on our brushes, polishes, creams, etc. are printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper. The FSC is the international organisation that promotes sustainable, environmentally appropriate management of the world's forests.

Every little thing counts when it comes to winning the Green Revolution!