Soft, ridged or easily breakable nails? It's time to talk about nail imperfections!

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Our nails have a hard life! Detergents, repeated hand washing, hand sanitiser, UV light, cold, onychophagy (nail biting) and other daily stresses might seem fairly harmless but they can weaken our nails and lead to imperfections. Today, the teaM will give you the lowdown on the good habits that will help strengthen your nails and keep them healthy all year round!


Soft, ridged or easily breakable nails? What's that all about?

Nails, like hair, are made up of keratin. This protein protects them from physical and chemical aggressors, keeps them strong and helps them grow.

Did you know... that nails contain 90% keratin? Your nails are formed by cells located in the nail matrix that continuously produce and store keratin. When they reach their maximum keratin capacity, the cells harden. They are then pushed out by new cells. Through this process, your nails grow about 3 to 5 mm each month. How good is that?

To sum up, unhealthy nails = nails with weakened keratin! So, it's really important to pay attention to the general condition of your nails. Fragile nails can exhibit a number of symptoms: they can be soft, easily breakable, split, ridged or affected by conditions like fungal infections. These present as a thickening and discolouration of the nail.


What can we do about it?

With the hectic lives we lead, it is difficult to stop doing everything that might harm our nails. Fortunately for us, there are a few simple tips to stop these aggressors in their tracks (& without too much effort).

Here are our six essential tips for strong, healthy nails. Enough is enough!

First things first: we need a healthy, balanced diet to minimise nutrient deficiencies. Our Nail Boost food supplements are the perfect way to ensure your nails get the vitamins & minerals they need to grow.



Numéro deux: file don't cut. This will allow you to shape them gently. It is not strictly forbidden to cut your nails, but you need to do it carefully and preferably as part of a manicure. Otherwise this simple activity could damage the keratin in your nails. If you still haven't found the perfect emery board, here you go.

Number three is a goodie: nourish them, nourish them & nourish them again! It's an essential step to prevent them from drying out and to promote growth. Our Green Oil enriched with 6 plant oils is the perfect way to do it! You will see results very quickly ⚡

When it comes to number four, the ball is in your court: wear gloves wherever possible when using household products. And take every precaution to avoid biting your nails!



Number five will help your nails thrive: use nail care products tailored to your needs. We have developed a specific base coat to suit each nail type. If you follow a custom routine, you will soon notice a big improvement in the condition of your nails. To find out which nail care routine best meets your needs, click here.

Six, our last trick: opt for a strengthening polish and gentle cosmetic products for your skin and nails. No more harsh nail polish removers! Say hello to our Green Force base coat and our Green Flash bio-sourced, acetone-free nail polish remover.