Indian Summer, a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent

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One of Manucurist's signature shades, Indian Summer draws its energy from exotic lands. Let's take a look at the story behind one of our most iconic colours.

Inside the head of a fashion genius

Available in Green and Green Flash format, Indian Summer is a striking mix of ochre, burnt sienna, brick, rust and terracotta red.

Warm and reassuring, this multi-faceted, earthy colour is an invitation to escape.


Popular with some of the biggest names in fashion and design for it's natural, sophisticated quality, this fiery red even became a signature shade of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Passionate about cultural diversity, this fashion genius started off using clay and African laterite pigments in his collections.

In 1977, he created the women's perfume “Opium”. Initially designed for the Chinese empress, this sensual, powerful fragrance with its provocative name soon became a best-seller. When it was launched, its brick red bottle shaped like an inro (a small Japanese box) was considered a real work of art and a symbol of luxury and elegance.

A few years later at the Yves Saint Laurent Spring-Summer runway show in 1982, this warm shade reappeared among the dresses and traditional Indian turbans. More recently, the Yves Saint Laurent museum in Marrakesh, which opened in 2018, used the colour so prized by the designer on its red brick roof, which was made from Moroccan earth.

Inspiring thoughts of summer and travel

Authentic and elegant, Indian Summer can be worn in a number of different ways. Its warmth and exoticness add some spice to your look. This strong, intense colour is quite easy to mix and match.

Combining it with light, neutral shades (white or beige) instantly softens its intensity. While it looks modern and elegant when paired with grey. The ultimate natural shade, it works beautifully with raw materials like raffia, straw and wicker. In terms of accessories, a pair of wooden wedge sandals and a straw or raffia bag will create a summer sensation.

If you choose to decorate your interior with Indian Summer, bear in mind that it goes well with other earth and clay tones. Brown, khaki and ecru all contrast beautifully with this orangey-red shade. It also goes brilliantly with black or off-white if you want a more pared-down look. But any shade of green is the pick of the bunch when it comes to finding the perfect partner! It's a marriage made in heaven that invites you to honeymoon far, far away...