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Rose Balm: your natural go-to for everyday pampering

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Your skin has to put up with a lot, from extreme temperatures and changing seasons to stress, pollution and everyday aggressors! We may all be superheroes, but we can sometimes struggle with things like poor skin condition. No stress—your own skin superhero has landed! Say hello to our incredible "3-in-1" New Rose Balm, a multipurpose product you won't want your bathroom (or your handbag) to be without!

Both aesthetical and ethical (wow, that rhymes!), our latest innovation is already making waves. Don't even think about going home, to work, on a night out or on holiday without our New Rose Balm for company. We are delighted to bring you this multipurpose balm to start off the year beautifully and welcome summer with a smile—and moisturised skin. The idea? To combat dry skin and soothe dryness and tightness with its magic texture. It's also a great comfort to those in need of a fragrance fix.

SOS lips, hands and cuticles

At a time when our hands are being attacked by sanitiser gel multiple times a day, temperatures are up and down and spring is just around the corner (not long now!), it's clear to us that a wellbeing product is everyone's most wanted. So we've created our New Rose Balm, made in Brittany: a beauty bag superstar of 100% natural origin. Its number one mission? To deeply nourish your hand, lips and cuticles. With multiple powerhouse ingredients in its formula—coconut oil, Damascus rose and wakame extract—this simple yet effective product is not only your skin's best friend, but it's kind to the planet too.

Rose Balm, your new BFF for a zen beauty routine

As well being your pamper pal and offering you a comforting and pleasurable little ritual, this balm will leave your skin with a delicious pink glow! It's a little touch of luminosity on your lips. Its rich, creamy texture will help your hands to relax as you gently massage it in. And fragrance fans will be delighted because it's hard to find a more captivating scent than Damascus rose. Multipurpose, yes, but so much more besides.

Responsible beauty, please!

Designed to help you out of a variety of beauty binds and reassure you when you need it (its creamy texture feels so satisfying when you're stressed), our multipurpose balm is also kind to the environment. The proof: the aluminium packaging that protects its precious contents is 100% recyclable or can be used again and again. And the icing on the cake? Popping some on at the office or in a restaurant is a much more attractive prospect than fiddling with an old tube from granny's medicine cabinet! Welcome little travel balm: are you ready to bring some joy and softness to our busy lives?

Our Rose Balm is available from February 2022 and costs 19 euros.