Colour Therapy: learn the language of colour and find out what your favourite colours say about you!

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Colour is everywhere in our lives, stimulating us emotionally and influencing every waking moment. Colour affects our metabolism, our sleep, our appetite, our hormones, our attention span and even our morale.

We all have colour preferences that reflect our tastes, our culture, the symbolism we associate with them or how they make us feel.

"But did you know that we are only aware of 20% of the colour choices we make? Yet at any given moment we are making choices: deciding what to wear, what to eat, what to buy, how to relax and even how to have our coffee."

According to Karen Haller, a specialist in the field, the intensity of a colour is what makes it stimulating or soothing. Colours have many different qualities, some flaws and, above all, the power to make an impact on our lives!

Your emotions at your fingertips

Wearing certain colours (including on your fingertips!) can therefore affect your mood and the mood of those around you.
Yellow boosts optimism and self-confidence; orange is full of cheer, joy and sensuality; red is a real source of energy, warmth and enthusiasm; pink is comforting and welcoming; light blue enhances your peace of mind; dark blue promotes concentration; green brings freshness, balance and harmony; and purple imbues wisdom and softness.

Which hue reflects you?

Your personality can often be reflected in a specific colour palette. Here are a few questions to help you discover which colour is your perfect match!


Are youquite spontaneous and extravert with a hint of mischief?
Do you love being spur of the moment?
Do you enjoy picnics, barbecues and outdoor parties with friends?
On the home front, do you favour natural light, large floor-to-ceiling windows, outdoor spaces, lightweight materials (wood, rattan), playful patterns and finishes that reflect the light?
And as far as fashion goes, do you opt for fine, fresh, lightweight fabrics with delicate patterns and flowing cuts?
VYour colour palette: Joyful Spring


Are you the embodiment of calm and gentleness?
Do you like things to be in proportion, balanced, well arranged and matching?
Does your favourite interior décor feature soft curves, elegant lines, hand-crafted objects and wooden antiques?
And do you prefer a satin to a shiny finish?
On the fashion front, do you like soft, delicate fabrics and sophisticated, flowing lines and you pay close attention to textures?
Your colour palette: Serene Summer


Do you have an expressive, curious nature?
Are other people's comfort and a warm welcome important to you?
Do you enjoy walking in the woods, relaxed evenings and impromptu fireside chats?
Is your decorative style anything but minimalist?
Do you like warm, solid, natural and comfortable materials, books, and ornaments that tell a story?
And on the fashion front, do you prefer easy-care, natural materials with a rich texture?
Your colour palette: Grounded Autumn


Are you the glamorous, sophisticated type?
Sure of yourself, your tastes and your style?
Are you seen as pioneering or even avant-garde?
Are you well-organised and detail-oriented?
As far as décor is concerned, do you prefer contemporary interiors, clean lines, geometric shapes, smooth surfaces, generous proportions and shiny, silky fabrics with a touch of refinement?
Your colour palette: Winter Minimalist


Of course, human beings are nuanced and we are never all one thing or another. More often than not we are combination of different types but with a dominant colour palette. To make sense of all the subtleties, immerse yourself in the colourful world of Karen Haller's book: The Little Book of Colour (Penguin Life).

Le Pouvoir des couleurs, chez First Editions