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NEW! Nail Boost food supplements

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A concentrate of vitamins and active ingredients to promote nail growth naturally!

Beautiful hands start on the inside with Nail Boost, a vegan food supplement that regenerates and boosts nail growth naturally.
88% of users reported a visible improvement in the condition of their nails after a 1-month treatment.

What the Green Girls think of Nail Boost

  • 88% of users* reported stronger nails
  • 75% of users noticed their nails were less split
  • 82% of users said their nails looked more attractive
  • Last but not least, 75% of users said they had more energy after a 1-month treatment!

*study carried out on a sample group of 17 consumers with results after 1 month of treatment.

A formula designed specifically for nails

It is vital to provide your nails with enough vitamins, amino acids and minerals for good health. We have developed a complete formula containing all the ingredients essential for keratin synthesis.


Biotin is the main element needed to synthesise keratin, the building block of nails and hair. If you want healthy nails and hair, you need to make sure there is enough biotin in your diet. This vitamin is also good at protecting the skin against cellular oxidation, responsible for skin ageing.

Brewer's yeast

Soft nails, brittle nails or very damaged nails can be the sign of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Brewer's yeast is a super food rich in the vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids needed for healthy nails (and hair). Brewer's yeast provides your body with the elements it needs for nail synthesis and boosts nail growth with its high vitamin B8 content.

Bamboo and horsetail extracts

Both of these plants are particularly rich in silica, which is one of the main components of nails. So it's important that you get enough silica in your diet. And silica is the ultimate ingredient for ensuring strong, shiny nails.

Minerals: zinc, copper, iron and magnesium.

Copper helps strengthen your immune defences, protects against premature cell ageing with to its antioxidant action and stimulates nail growth. Iron is essential for helping to prevent curved nails and fragile hair. It also plays an important role in the proper functioning of the nervous system, helping to keep you mentally alert and fight against fatigue. And magnesium helps strengthen your nails.


How to take Nail Boost

As an intensive treatment

For damaged nails (dull, soft and lacking strength), you should take the food supplements as an intensive treatment: 4 capsules a day for 1 month.
Good to know: Nail Boost capsules are not chemically concentrated, which is why you can take 4 capsules a day. You are then advised to move on to a maintenance treatment of 2 capsules a day for 2 months. Repeat 2 to 3 times a year.

As a preventative treatment

For nails that need a bit of a boost, the supplements can be used as a preventative treatment. Two capsules a day is enough. You can repeat the preventative treatment 2 to 3 times a year as needed.
TeaM tip: if you don't like swallowing capsules, empty the powder into a spoonful of fruit puree or yoghurt. Easy!

The complete IN & OUT treatment

Get the complete IN & OUT treatment by combining Nail Boost supplements with the treatment base coat specially designed for your nail type. An essential treatment routine for strong, healthy nails all year round!

Green right through to the packaging

As part of our ever-greener approach, our Nail Boost food supplements come in a recyclable kraft pot with a biodegradable plant-based lid. To top it all off, the coating on the capsules is made from plant cellulose. Making our product 100% vegan! #gogreen

At last, a nail care pill-osophy you can believe in!

If you want to learn more about the complete routine that takes care of your nails from inside and out, it's all in this blog post!
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