Bisous and Manucurist Collab

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Even if you don't know who Mathilde Cabanas is, it's highly likely you've seen her Bisous design ('kisses' in English) on a birthday card, umbrella or pair of socks. Mathilde Cabanas is the fun, French lifestyle brand founded by Mathilde Cabanas, who has now been joined by Alexandra. This ultra-colourful, good-vibes brand likes to reinterpret everyday objects, so you can wear and use things that make you smile.

Savoir-faire and savoir-fun

After training as an illustrator, Mathilde worked for Bonton before going freelance. It all really started in 2013 when she made a birthday card with the Bisou lettering. Since then, this printed word has become one of the brand's key attributes. Accessories, stationery, umbrellas, bags... you name it, it's been kissed! And kisses are red, which Mathilde sees as joyful, unisex and vibrant.

Source : @mathildecabanas on Instagram
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The world of the circus with its red and white big top is a major source of inspiration. Mathilde is particularly sensitive to colour and a big fan of mixing things up and going all out, which shows in the objects she designs.

The brand is all about fun, urban products that add a breath of fresh air and vibrancy to the everyday. Mathilde is inspired by many things, particularly children's illustrations (Magalie Le Huche, Oliver Jeffers) and acclaimed artists like Sonia Delaunay and Miró.

Source : @mathildecabanas on Instagram

In 2017, Alexandra Remise came on board to take the Bisou into the stratosphere. Mathilde takes care of product design, the production process and relationships, while Alexandra manages marketing, communications, partnership development and the e-shop.

Cute things for cool people

The brand's products are designed and made with great attention to detail. They aim to please while being kind to the planet. Before this collab, Mathilde already knew a lot about green beauty and was a fan of eco-friendly French brands. She particularly likes nail polish in "fun colours" and adores Green Flash, which she believes is perfect for active women.

The idea of using nail stickers came from the quest to find a next-level manicure that wasn't too complicated. It's a new way of enjoying nail art without needing to be an expert, and can be changed to suit your mood!

"What we really love is making you look amazing. Not just for that special person in your life, but for yourself! We enjoy coming up with future products we know you'll love, and creating content that makes you laugh." Mathilde Cabanas.