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Just like the South of France… Marseille in a trio of colours

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The Tribute to Marseille collection

Fancy a trip to Marseille? You could take a stroll through the winding streets of Le Panier to the Old Port, and check out the Vallon des Auffes and Le Corbusier's La Cité Radieuse, before returning to the calm of the rocky coves. It's impossible not to be wowed by Marseille, the city where summer never ends!

Great southern land in majestic ochre tones

They don't do things by half here, that's well known. Where the colours dance under the Provençal sun, Dazzling whites, endless deep blues and ochres that stun. Brown, red, orange... as the colours emerge, this southern land begins to feel like Colorado by the coast—or the planet Mars!

Sunset orange

And then it's golden time. A flash of a hand, and the eternal magic of a sunset casts its spell. Glowing faces as the blazing sky lights up the Frioul archipelago. A zesty orange sets the tone for a glittering night-time party. A breath of fresh air that rises up as the night falls and makes you want to dance until dawn.


A burst of vitamin D

So that "time goes on for ever, life is infinite and it's always summer", here are two new colours—Terracotta and Acid Orange—that will complement your sun-kissed skin to perfection. Two natural yet sophisticated colours that join forces with Bronzé to give you a pure burst of vitamin D.


Scorched red earth with a magnetic charm that draws its energy from the universe. The unmistakable elegance of Green or Green Flash on golden skin, brought to life by the summer sun.

Acid Orange

A gem that shines so bright it sets your soul alight, sparkling in the heat of the night. This pop shade's hard to beat—a Green Flash treat you can't wait to meet!


It's the brown you love to make shimmer in the sun. It's this summer's must-have shade: a beautiful golden brown that flatters sun-kissed skin to perfection. Don't miss this golden opportunity! Available in Green and Green Flash formats.