A countryside chat with Élise Dumas, founder of @thePineapplechef

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For the launch of our new Peach and Red Coral colours, we wanted colourful, countryside images with a hint of wild beauty in a warm, authentic atmosphere.

After all the time spent at home this year, we were keen to get back to nature. We've been dreaming about flower-filled fields, wicker baskets, bowls of fruit and white tablecloths. A simple, unhurried morning that puts the pick of the season in the spotlight. So, naturally, we contacted stylist and photographer Élise Dumas!

Élise is the founder of the blog The Pineapple Chef, a culinary gem that offers plenty of inspiration for our future recipes. We instantly fell in love with her enormous talent for creating emotion around cooking, the way she highlights the natural colour of food and her desire to create something "beautiful but not perfect". Élise enjoys shared experiences, generous cooking and laughing with friends.

Source : @thepineapplechef on Instagram

We took the opportunity to ask her some questions about her career, her inspirations and her relationship with her hands and nails.

How did the idea of this collaboration come about?

Élise | I've been a fan of the brand since the very beginning and I've known the founder Gaëlle since we worked in fashion together! I've done a few shoots for the brand and I've been wanting to suggest a floral setting for quite some time. Then spring arrived and here were are!

What are your 3 favourite Manucurist colours?

Élise | Definitely Nude, and I'm also a fan of reds like Red Cherry and Anémone.

Can you sum up your career to date?

Élise | I'm currently a stylist and a food and lifestyle photographer, creating content for brands, magazines and publishers. I worked as a visual merchandiser in fashion for 15 years, setting up stores and windows for luxury fashion houses.

Where do you find your inspiration for your recipes and visual displays?

Élise | Lots of things inspire me! Sometimes it's a picture in a magazine or book, or it might be an exhibition, a chance encounter or a detail. I am constantly looking around me. For my recipes and photos, I am inspired by the seasons and nature, as well as by authenticity and high-quality ingredients. My recipes have to be easy to prepare and "real", like I would make at home. If a dish is too elaborate—a dessert, for example—I prefer to photograph somebody else's talent!

Source : @thepineapplechef on Instagram

What is your relationship with your hands and nails? Are you more Green or Green Flash?

Élise | My hands are essential to my work but they rarely star in my photos. I prefer to stay behind the camera. I take care of them as best I can, and I love to treat myself to a manicure when I have time. I like both Green and Green Flash! But I use Green Flash if I need extra staying power.