A chat with Calixte, our autumn muse

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A September morning in Paris.
The sun's first rays are beginning to brighten the sky. A few pedestrians are moving around, either making their way to work or enjoying the final hours of their holidays. Autumn leaves line the pavement, rustling in the gentle breeze. Suddenly the silence is broken; the splendour of Paris abruptly awoken. A modern-day postcard in the making. Calixte's nails are adorned with our new colours: Shell Beige and Navy Blue. In the winding streets of the City of Light, a new day heralds the beginning of a new chapter. Let the shoot begin!

Between takes, the teaM took the time to chat to Manucurist's autumn muse. Here's what they said.

TeaM: Can you start by telling us a few things about yourself?
Calixte: My name is Calixte, I'm 23 years old, I live in Paris and I'm a photo model.

How did you first hear about Manucurist?
Through my first job with you! Before I discovered your Green products, I didn't wear much polish, but Manucurist was a game-changer.

Well, that's great news! Did you take good care of your nails before though?
I had a little trick that I still use today: a castor oil mask. I soak my nails in oil for about ten minutes or so and then massage them one by one. In any case, I take better care of my hands now because of my job. It's important for me to follow a routine that keeps my nails healthy and shiny!

And you're right—it's very important to pamper your nails and it feels good! Can you also tell us about the first time you used Green Flash?
I was SO happy with it. I've been wearing it ever since and even gave some to my mum as a gift. It's super cool that it's so easy to use and apply yourself. I couldn't be without it now.

So, there's no point asking you if you prefer Green or Green Flash?
Ha ha! After raving about Green Flash, I think it's clear which side I'm on.

It sure is! Let's talk about colour. Do you prefer dark polish? Nude? Something else?
Red and burgundy are my everyday colours. But in summer I like to wear darker colours because I think they look good with tanned skin.

When would you be likely to wear our new shades?
Navy Blue would be my everyday colour.
Shell Beige is perfect for an interview or a business meeting.
And I can see myself wearing Dark Pansy in winter.

What do you feel about them?
The colours are unusual yet subtle enough to wear anywhere. You can wear them all the time, but you don't see them that often. I really like this collection. I think it represents the Paris I love.

And what is the Paris you love?
I see Paris as a city where anything is possible. From an artistic point of view, there are so many things on offer. Modelling and art have a big part to play here. I see it as a city filled with possibilities. I've dreamed about coming to Paris since I was ten years old. I'll never get tired of this city. I love it!

Even the Parisians?
Some Parisians (laughter).

And where is your favourite place in Paris to eat breakfast?
It has to be Place Dauphine! It's so welcoming, cute and sunny!

What about for a date?
La Perruche—a rooftop bar above Le Printemps decorated with little fairy lights that give it a magical, romantic feel. And as a bonus, it has a view of the entire city!

And for a Sunday stroll?
Nothing beats a walk along the banks of the Seine, especially if the weather's nice like today.