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Paris, mon amour. A new take on red, white and blue

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This autumn, Manucurist is making the City of Light its own. A stroll to a museum and then a quick stop for coffee to the sweet sound of an accordion, with the glittering city as a backdrop. Welcome to Paris!

Un, deux, trois, it's Paris for moi

We never tire of Paris, the city of love, light and infinite charm. Reinventing the codes of French chic, Navy Blue, Shell Beige and Dark Pansy are joining forces to tell the story of Paris in September. It's a Paris where you can meet friends for a latte, lose yourself in a bookshop on Quai de Montebello and marvel at the shimmering Seine, as you fondly recall your last summer swim. Manucurist's new collection of reworked red, white and blue shades is dedicated to the City of Light.

Shell Beige: the epitome of French chic

Shell Beige, a pale pink hue that evokes the lights of summer.

Shell Beige brings summer to a close,
A blend of coffee and cream, of white and rose.
It brightens your complexion, a treat for the eyes,
Nothing's left to chance, you realise.

Navy Blue: blue reinvented

A deep, secret blue that's almost impenetrable. It's like opening your eyes under the sea and seeing the shimmering sun at its highest point.

We want to plunge into this blue,
Its azure depths will welcome you,
To explore its mysterious shine,
Navy Blue warms your heart, it's divine.

Dark Pansy: love in abundance

A sensual red with a hint of what it means to be a Parisian woman. To celebrate love, we bring you Dark Pansy!

Dark elegance at your fingertips.
Day and night.
It’s the black cherry on the cake, the queen of polishes.
A noble calling! And we’re ready for it. This velvet red has stolen our hearts!