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Trends of the Moment: Fall/Winter 2023

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As the season starts to shift and the temperatures start to drop, the nail trends are still hot! We are taking a look at some of the key colours for the fall/winter 2023 season, as well as some artistic inspiration to introduce into your nail looks.

Make it Matte

We all love a glossy shiny manicured look but styles this fall will have a big focus on texture.. think big fuzzy sweaters, suede boots, puffy, pleather coats. Bring an element of texture to your nails by pairing some of your favorite fall shades with a top coat matte. Want to spice it up even more? Try using multiple colours on the nails, and bringing them back to a cohesive look with the matte finish.

Autumn Matte look created by @allbeautybysarah using the shades: Clove, Chestnut, Orme, Pastel Pink, Pale Rose in Green Flash
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Matte fall style funky swirls created by @m.o.n.a.j using the Green polish shades Sauge, Artichaut, Brique, Saphir and top coat matte
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Mixing Dark & Light

It is no secret that the cooler months tend to have us reaching for darker, more cozy shades, however pairing these darker tones with lighter shades can bring an element of surprise, a hint of dimension and an overall more elevated look. Try mixing dark shades with metallics, glitters, or bright pop colours like oranges, purples and pinks.

Dark toned aura nail look reminiscent of the night sky, created by @macrame.amie using the shades Poison, Dark Night and Lisa Lilas in Green Flash
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Rich brown plays with a shimmering metallic tone in this look created by @monimarin_ using the shades Chestnut & Metallic in Green Flash
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Don't shy away from colour!

Although fall is a time for deep, warm tones, it doesn't mean you should be scared to use colour! Incorporating bright, or pop shades into your looks can bring an unexpected surprise that calls attention to your individuality and style!

Funky colourful look created by @heygreatnails using the Green Flash shades: Artichaut, Metallic, Brique, Sauge, Hortencia
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Fall toned flower look created by @livblankson using the shades Petit Pois (base colour) , Lilas, Bois de Rose, Terracotta (flowers), and mimosa (center of flowers) in Green Flash
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Key Colours

Green: This colour has been on trend all year, with lighter or brighter shades reminiscent of jade or green grass pop-ing up this spring and summer (try Petit Pois). As we move into fall and winter these shades will become slightly more muted and earthy, more reminiscent of dark olive tones or powdery, smooth eucalyptus. Check out some of our shades:

A medium-deep, muted green that feels neutral and electric at the same time

A soft and powdery, but still bold blue-green-gray shade

Brown: The perfect neutral shade for the fall and winter time, brown is truly having a moment right now. Ranging from soft, creamy latte shades to deep, enticing chocolate tones.. this colour is sure to have something to offer everyone this season.
Check out some of our shades:

Deep hazelnut brown, with subtle burgundy undertones

A deep, rich, chocolatey brown

A cafe au lait, smooth, creamy beige/brown with warm hints

Metallics: In line with the idea of adding texture to looks this fall/winter, adding a touch of light bending dimension with a metallic shade is the perfect way to enhance your nail looks. Use all over the nail for a bold look or add as an accent for a little dimension.
Here are some of our favorites:

The name says it all, this illusion inducing shade appears as a cool-toned gold with hints of bronze and silver.

A metallic copper shade with hints of gold

A shimmering shade like liquid gold, features flecks that catch the light and enhance its shine!

Orange: Spice up your fall looks by choosing an orange that feels warm and cozy. This colour seems somewhere in between a pop-colour and a neutral, and playing with this balance is what makes orange so intriguing this season.
Check out our shades:

An orange like scorched earth, it feels like a warm red clay with a bold mix of orange and red hues

A warm and spicy orange like pumpkin spice, this shade is earthy and warm and calls attention with its bold character

Indian Summer
Like the last of the summer sun, this shade warms us with its deep orange and red qualities that bring bold colour and a comforting feeling to the nails

No matter your favorite this season, one this is for sure… you should always feel free to express yourself and wear whatever shades your heart desires! Manucurist has you covered with over 70+ colours to explore, discover and choose from! Be sure to try in Green Flash™ for a 10-day long lasting gel-like manicure that removes in 1 minute without the use of acetone, saving your nails from damage. One last tip: try our Serum Complete or Green Oil and be sure to keep nails and cuticles moisturized and hydrated all fall and winter long!