The Latte manicure: What is it and how do you do it?

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The nail art trend is still in full swing, to the point of becoming an artistic discipline in its own right on social media! A passion and a pastime for beautystas, it keeps on surprising us with new techniques as the seasons change. The latest buzz in nail art is our favourite here at Manucurist and will warm you up nicely during winter: latte nail art.

For several years, nail art has been inspiring and attracting more and more fans. And for good reason: manicures have never been as arty as they are now! Hot on the heels of the celestial and baby boomer manicure comes latte nail art, ready to kick-start your 2022. To see us through winter, let's embrace warm colours that remind us of indulgent macchiatos covered in Chantilly cream and sprinkled with cinnamon. Cosy, comforting and decidedly hip, the Coffee Latte nail art trend is just what you need to warm up a chilly weekend and give last year's wardrobe a boost.

A winter Coffee Latte nail art workshop from the comfort of your home

And because there's no place like home and you're the best person for the job, it's a great opportunity to shut out the cold and treat yourself to a manicure workshop and a decadent drink. Our Manucurist Latte Art set is not just designed to make your fingers look magical, it's also your chance to practise some self-care at home. Thanks to its five shades (two of them from our new Macchiato collection: Chestnut and Orme) designed to help you achieve the ultimate Coffee Latte nails, you can enjoy a Sunday like no other with a warm blanket, an indulgent hot drink, a scented candle and soft music to set the scene for your manicure session. A beautifully sweet moment with ethical, green credentials!

How would you describe Coffee Latte nail art?

The trend comes in several designs, each more stylish than the last. Of course, there is the traditional latte effect that reminds you of the delicious drinks served by your favourite coffee shop. Chocolate, brown or macchiato blends with creamy white to create beautifully marbled caramel shades. As for the designs, they range from marbled to graphic and from minimalist to a milky latte French manicure. Social media is overrun with images of latte art from around the world, which inspires us even more!

Latte Art tips from our expert Andréa

With our Latte Art kit or a few polishes from our Macchiato collection, you can create your own designs at home one night after work or during a pamper weekend. Here are our five tips to get it right:

  • Opt for Manucurist Chestnut and Snow Green polishes.

  • Use a nail art brush or even a dotting tool! The trick is to wipe your tools regularly, so you don't overload your nails.

  • Start by applying a base coat to protect your nails from the pigments. Then move on to the colour: apply Chestnut to half of the nail and then Snow to the other half. The less evenly the colours are distributed, the better! After this step, it's time to draw zigzags from one colour to the other with a nail art brush. The idea is to blend them to create a frothy coffee effect. Wait a good five minutes for the polish to dry before applying the top coat to make your nails shine and protect them from chipping!