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The Green Revolution by Manucurist

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Why Manucurist has chosen to commit to a genuine environmental approach

Governments and people have been concerned about environmental challenges for twenty years. This increasing awareness has affected every industry, particularly the beauty industry. However, the nail polish category was overlooked for quite some time; overly technical formulas are often a stumbling block for laboratories and the product is difficult to "greenify" without sacrificing staying power and colour.

But at Manucurist we believed it could be done, and we did it!

A clear entrepreneurial vision

When Manucurist's CEO Gaëlle started her entrepreneurial journey in 2015, she already had a very clear vision of what she wanted for the future of the brand. Gaëlle is a “born-and-bred” Parisian who grew up on a diet of ELLE, graduated from the French Institute of Fashion and has worked for major fashion houses like Prada and Yves Saint Laurent. No wonder she loves fashion!

But not the kind of fashion that oppresses women and makes them toe the line. No, Gaëlle loves free and feminist fashion, and naturally Manucurist follows in her footsteps. People often say "you have to suffer to be beautiful" but Gaëlle believes differently: the range of Green polishes she launched in 2017 offers a palette of ultra-fashionable, clean, green colours. So now you can be beautiful without harming yourself or the planet.


Green formulas created with women and the planet in mind

Manucurist was born of a love story between fashion freedom and the values of protecting health and the environment. Carried by Gaëlle's vision, the brand connected with women and worked for women from the outset. At Manucurist we believe that traditional beauty belongs in the past and the future is green and will get greener. That's why we strive every day to offer you guilt-free polishes and treatments and a fun beauty experience!

Since the brand was first established, the Manucurist team has focused on offering products that respect the environment and your health.

Our Green, Green Flash and Nail Care ranges are bio-sourced and none of our products are tested on animals.
At Manucurist, we respect your health by offering products that are 9-free and contain no endocrine disruptors, sensitising molecules or hydroquinone. Our Petite Manucurist range has such pure ingredients that even young children can use it risk-free. It contains no formaldehyde or derivates, no toluene or petrochemical solvents, no DBP or phthalates, no parabens and no camphor. Risk-free fun for you and your little ones!

Like you, we love brands with a clear vision and commitment to eco-friendly values. So we're planning interviews with other brand founders who think like we do.

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