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Eco-friendly nail polish is good. A sustainable production, that's even better!

At Manucurist, green is a global approach that we want to take as far as possible. Our mission is to offer bio-based products, ensure a low-impact supply chain from packaging to logistics, while adopting a green lifestyle in the teaM office.

We'd like to tell you about our commitments and why it's important to us to be "clean" at every level.

From green polish to green packaging

Instead of single-use plastic, we use glass and cardboard to package our products. We’re always on the lookout for innovative new materials so we can offer you even greener products.

We're not perfect but we work hard at it, even with our shipping!

  • The box from your delivery is 100% recyclable and comes from sustainably managed forests. It can be used as dry material in a compost heap.
  • The packaging chips are made from corn starch, so they’re not harmful to health or the environment. But be careful—you can’t eat them.
    To recycle them, you can either give them to the worms in your compost or wash them down your sink. They’re completely water soluble.
  • The packing lists and sticker sheets are made in France, bien sûr!



Our dream? To set up a refill system at our Green Club, so you can come and refill your bottles of Green Nail Polish Remover and Green Flash Gel Polish Remover. Stay tuned, you haven't heard the last of this!

European production and logistics

Our cosmetics are good for your morale and your health, and made in France with love. The packaging used for our polishes is made in Europe and so are our boxes. This keeps our CO2 emissions as low as possible.

When we outsourced our logistics in 2019, we chose a French logistics company that shares our environmental values in terms of waste reduction and efficient product flow management.



A green commitment is also a social commitment and we have chosen to work with a disability employment service to manufacture our products. It's a medico-social organisation that helps people with disabilities find work or re-enter the workplace and integrate into society.

We chose a disability employment service with an impressive CSR policy (Ecolabel certified tools and consumables) located close to our logistics centre to reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Our green vision extends to the Manucurist offices

The teaM share the same values: we love eco-friendly beauty and fashion and we believe that "eco-friendly" and "desirable" shouldn't be mutually exclusive. We try our best to be intelligent consumers, even in the office.



We sort our waste and we got rid of plastic coffee cups ages ago. At lunchtime, lunch boxes are strongly encouraged to avoid single-use packaging.

Our green approach extends to every aspect of our business, which is very important to us. Because we are an innovative brand, we try to get a little bit better every day, and we closely follow advances made in the CSR space.

What about you? What green practices have you introduced into your daily life? Let us know by posting a comment on our Instagram @manucurist—we can't wait to hear from you and be inspired by your tips!
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