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Summer Nail #1 : The Hottest Nail Colors for Summer 2023

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Summer is in full swing! At the beach, work, backyard BBQs, or with family and friends, it is the perfect season to play with colours! Dreamy pastels, Electric pops, timeless shades or luminescent iridescents, choose the one that suits you or try something outside of your comfort zone! Mix shades to fit your style and match any event, no matter the occasion. In this first Summer Colour edition, we take a look at the summer nail trends for 2023 to help you choose the most beautiful colours to put in your suitcase and on your fingertips.

Soft Pastels & Fresh Mixes

A sure bet for the summer, pastel colours bring softness and a scene of freshness to any outfit. In a full manicure, their soothing, creamy effect is the perfect complement to flowy outfits and spirits searching for a sense of lightness and freedom this vacation season. These colours will draw attention and create contrast, adding a brightened feeling to any nail look.

Combined with brighter colours in a multicoloured manicure, pastels match any style or outfit choice. It’s up to you to choose your perfect harmony of shades with our curated colour collections or customise one yourself!

Radiance at Your Fingertips!

In summer, bright, vivid colours match the fun summer vibe that everyone is searching for! Bursting with energy try shades like Sunset, Bougainvillea, Petit Pois or Violette, which are sure to add a bit of excitement to any summer look and compliment freshly sun-kissed skin.

Dare to try these bright and vibrant shades that are sure to pop with any style!

Reds: Sensual and timeless, these shades are also perfect for your summer looks. Ultra-red with coral or orange undertones, you should never leave home without your favorite red in your bag!

When it comes to sizzling, summer sensuality, it is impossible to ignore deep mysterious shades that are sure to intrigue. Our favorites for the reason include: Violeta & Terracotta!

Blue Blue Summer

This summer, one of the hottest colour trends is the coolest shade of them all.. blue! Reminiscent of Mediterranean beaches and midnight swims, it comes in all shades for manicures that are more refreshing than ever! Even better? Add a sparkly shade on top like Mermaid or enhance even more with some biodegradable glitter to really make your nails pop!

Fresh blue nails avec Riviera, Ultramarine, Midnight, Mermaid

Pink Party on the Beach !

Pastel, Pop, Glossy or Flashy…. its’s now or never to celebrate THE colour of Summer 2023. Pink is IT!! Gloss, Hortencia, Rose, Pink paradise, Pétula, Péonie… try all the shades and enjoy the glamorous and fun shade, at a pink party on the beach!

Choose your favorite pink !

Looking to give your nails a break but not willing to give up that glowy pink look? Be sure to pack the bestselling Active Glow 2-in-1 nail protector and treatment in your beach bag to rejuvenate your nails while adding a perfect peachy glow finish!

Let’s Shine All Summer Long

Good news ! At Manucurist, we have everything you need to shine all summer long! It is up to you to choose the style of your shiny shade. Will you opt for an ideal metallic approach to your evenings our in Bronzé, Disco ou Cosmic Rose.

Or would you prefer the glitter version with Gold, Diamant ou Mermaid
to sparkle on the beach?

And why not one of each to change your look whenever you want!

Have fun & Enjoy your summer 🌈