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Milky White in Green Flash format—c'est très French!

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From milky lotions to cream makeup and milkshake masks, the white stuff continues to inspire the world of cosmetics. Offering the same light, creamy airiness, Milky White is now available in Green Flash format!

From Green to Green Flash

If you liked it as a Green polish, you'll love it as a Green Flash gel polish. Milky White's creamy, less opaque look makes it quite different from Snow. It's a delicious veil of colour with a whipped cream effect and a slight pinkness.



As part of the Green Flash collection, Milky White offers staying power for up to 10 days after being cured with the LED lamp. Removal As easy to remove as regular polish, simply soak a cotton pad in acetone-free nail polish remover, leave it on your nail for 2 minutes and remove in a single swipe, from the base to the tip.

The Milky French manicure

Ever heard of it? A Milky French manicure is very different from a classic French manicure, both in the way it is applied and how it looks.
Either Green or Green Flash can be used, and here are the steps:

Step 1: Protect your nails by applying a base coat: either a Green base coat or treatment base coat if you're using regular polish, or a Green Flash base coat if you're using gel polish.

Step 2: Apply a coat of Milky White all over (covering the entire surface of the nail).

Step 3: Use a fine brush to draw the smile line.



Step 4: Apply a second coat of Milky White once the smile line is dry (otherwise known as the French sandwich technique)!

Step 5: Apply a layer of Top Coat and once it is dry, moisturise the nail contour with a drop of Green Oil.

An ideal manicure to emphasize a beautiful tanned skin and to accompany your summer outfits!