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Manucurist x Make My Lemonade: Nail & Body, the perfect match

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To celebrate the collaboration between Manucurist and Make My Lemonade, let's take a closer look at the two colours co-created with Lisa Gachet, Make My Lemonade's artistic director and founder.

An unconventional fashion journey

After several years in the fashion industry and a spell in the Yves Saint Laurent Menswear studio, Lisa launched the Make My Lemonade blog in February 2012. Passionate about haute couture, she created DIY designs and sold her patterns. Her original, colourful, pop-art outfits hit the spot and proved very popular.

So much so that Lisa created the Make My Lemonade brand in 2015. It was the first retailer to offer hybrid fashion, allowing you to choose between DIY and ready-to-wear pieces.



The garments are made in Europe and the collections are designed using mainly natural materials. Always with an eye on the environment, the brand also offers a clothing rental service called Frida.

Life in Pink Paradise and Lisa Lilas

We are delighted to be collaborating with Make My Lemonade to celebrate the rerelease of the brand's Martha signature bodysuits. Pink and lilac: what could be better than these strikingly feminine, vibrant colours when summer comes out to play?

Lisa Lilas

You've been waiting for it for some time: Lisa Lilas is the pastel lavender shade our collection was missing. A fashion essential with a bright future.


Pink Paradise (formerly Angel's Trumpet)

Both in colourblock and in nail art: Pink Paradise is definitely a crush. The candy pink we always dreamed of.


Manucurist's most summery red! With a hint of orange to add a zesty twist to your afternoons in the sun.


Discover the colours imagined by Lisa Gachet in a simple duo Lisa Lilas & Pink Paradise available in Green.
Tell us which colour you prefer by sharing your best manicures !