Pomme Joy Kiki set
Kids nail polish

Pomme Joy Kiki set

Nail polish that washes off with soapy water.

This is the blue of a bubbling brook, as light as air itself.
This gorgeous sleepy blue will usher your kids to bed.

Bears always paint their nails in pastel pink to go for a walk.
This soft peachy pink will appeal to even the most rebellious kids!

The cat ventures into the poppy field. How striking she looks!
And kids will love this vivid red party polish.

Only 226 items in stock!

Pomme Joy Kiki set

Only 226 items in stock!
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  • Up to 84% bio-sourced ingredients
  • Made in France
  • Vegan
  • 12-free
  • Eco-friendly packaging

Kit content

  • Pomme the Fish

    Pomme the Fish

  • Joy the Bear Cub

    Joy the Bear Cub

  • Kiki the Kitten

    Kiki the Kitten



  • Water-based formula
  • Products suitable for children
  • Comes off when you wash your hands
  • Mini bottle and brush
  • Pop colours and glitter

How to use Petite Manucurist polish

Shake the bottle well.

Apply one or two layers of colour depending on the effect you want.

Apply our much-loved Brigitte the Tortoise top coat.

Shake your hands to dry it and you’re done!

How to remove the polish : Simply wash your hands in soapy water!

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