Green Flash Diluent
Gel polish

Green Flash Diluent

A great way to make your Green Flash nail polishes last longer.

Green Flash Diluent helps to thin out Green Flash polishes that have become too thick to apply evenly. Just add a few drops to your polish to give it a smooth consistency for easy application. Your favourite polishes are given a new lease of life!

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Green Flash Diluent

Only 1815 items in stock!
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  • Up to 84% bio-sourced ingredients
    Plant-based ingredients extracted from natural, renewable sources
  • Made in France
    Products made in France
  • Vegan
    Our aim is to develop products without using ingredients that come from animals or the farming of animals
  • 12-free
    Green Flash
  • Eco-friendly packaging
    Recyclable packaging, FSC cardboard and biodegradable packing peanuts
  • No toxic ingredients
    Products formulated based on a strict blacklist
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Yes, you can put a few drops of thinner into any nail polish that has become too thick, even Green Flash Top Coat! However, the thinner cannot be added to Green Flash Base Coat, as it has a different formula.

No, each formula is unique and the Green and Green Flash ranges have different ingredients. The thinner is only compatible with Green Flash products.

We don’t recommend that you use nail polish remover to thin your polish, as it risks changing its properties and the formula’s structure. The Green Flash Thinner will make the polish smoother without damaging it.

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Ingredients Nail care products


Designed for each step of your manicure, our nail care range includes a cuticle remover to make it easier to work on your cuticles, 4 treatment base coats (one for each type of nail) and a green oil chosen for its nourishing properties. 

The result? Long-lasting colour combined with a unique sensory experience!

Our Philosophy

Spotlight on the ingredients

Sugar cane

We extract the ingredient ethyl acetate from cane sugar, which forms the basis of the polish and gives it its liquid texture. 


We extract the ingredient butyl acetate from cassava, which forms the basis of the polish and gives it its liquid texture.


We get alcohol denat. from wheat, which gives the polish its liquid texture, and isosorbide dicaprylate/carpate forms a smooth, shiny coat on the nail.

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