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Green Flash Diluent
Gel polish - 7ml

Green Flash Diluent

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Your ally to extend the lifespan of your Green Flash nail polish.

The Green Flash diluent helps thinning your Green Flash nail polish, which became to thick to be use in thin layers. It get a fluid consistency and an easy application back, using few drops. Your favorite Green Flash nail polish is allowed to have a second life !

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Green Flash Diluent

ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, alcohol denat.

98% bio-based

Add 5 drops inside the nail polish and shake well. Repeat if necessary. Close carefully the bottle after use.

Is it possible to use it with the Green range ?

Non, each formula is unique, the Green and Green Flash compositions are different. The diluent is only compatible with the Green Flash nail polish.

Why is it better to use the diluent instead of a nail polish remover ?

It is not recommended to use a nail polish remover, which could possibly modify the structure of the formula and its properties. The diluent liquefies the nail polish without damaging the formula.

Can I mix two ranges (e.g. Green Flash and Green)?

No, each formula is unique and made up of different ingredients. So you should never mix them.

How do I prepare my nails?

You should file your nails and remove any oil with Green Flash Nail Polish Remover or another gentle nail polish remover.

What is the right way to remove Green Flash polish?

Soak a cotton pad with Green Flash Nail Polish Remover and leave it on the nail for a few minutes. Rub to remove the polish. If any base coat is left, repeat the step.

Can pregnant women use Green Flash nail polish?

Pregnant women should avoid all types of nail polish. However, our product ranges are green and clean and up to 84% of their ingredients are bio-based. They also contain no endocrine disruptors, monomers or hydroquinone.

Can I use Green Flash without the LED lamp?

No, Green Flash polish needs the lamp to cure.

Can I use another lamp?

We recommend you use an LED lamp with an output of at least 18W. Make sure you adjust the curing time if your lamp is more powerful.

The clean gel nail polish solution!