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100/180 emery boards for natural nails

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Our professional nail file has two types of grit: one for shortening your nails (the coarse-grit non-logo side) and one for shaping (the soft-grit logo side).

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Before starting your manicure, you must shape your nails evenly! The cushioned layer ensures it doesn’t weaken the nails, and its 100/180 grit allows effective shaping.

  • Grit designed for natural nails
  • Does not weaken the nail
  • Pack of 5 emery boards
How to use our emery board for natural nails

Choose your preferred nail shape and start by filing the sides. Finish by filing the “top” of the nail to even out the shape. Note: you should always file in the same direction to protect the nail’s keratin layers.

100/180 emery boards for natural nails


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