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Playful Wonderland

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With the arrival of the spring breeze, there's only one thing to do: renew your wardrobe and give your manicures a much needed freshness! What colours should you choose for spring? And how to wear them to keep up with fashion trends for 2024? Find the answers with the new Playful Wonderland collection. 

March is all about renewal and rebirth. After a winter of minimalism, this spring we are opting for sweetly hued polishes, such as the ones in the new Playful Wonderland Collection. Bright, candid colours reminiscent of Jeff Koons' oversized balloons and Takushi Murakami's adorable flowers. Follow the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and return to childhood on a journey between mountains and sugared almonds. 

Pop colors, sweet and bursting with energy, revive your spring manicures with the new Playful Wonderland Collection.

Pop colours, sweet and bursting with energy, 

revive your spring manicures with the 

new Playful Wonderland Collection.


A powerful, fluorescent green with a fresh and offbeat feel, the perfect colour for a manicure that signifies the arrival of spring. A breath of fresh air that transports us to Copacabana beach before a trip to the Amazon.

Naturally adventurous, we find Brazil green in the works of Italian sculptor Gaetano Pesce: in particular, his blanket chairs in which we want to snuggle up while waiting for spring.

On the catwalk, after having been one of Bottega Veneta's flagship attributes for several years, green makes an appearance at Balmain, in a pleated tunic to contrast with candy-pink pants, at Casablanca in a shirt tucked into black vinyl shorts, and at Cahu in a two-tone oversized tote bag.

A pop polish colour that we love to wear on short nails and embellish with voluminous rings for an eclectic effect.

A new brazil polish Green Flash


A bubble gum pink we've been waiting for! This spring, we are swapping out Barbie pink, in favor of a lighter, airier shade. A pink reminiscent of the incredible giant lamps by Léa Mestres that we dreamed of having in our childhood bedrooms, or adult bedrooms for that matter. Fashion-wise, Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2024 was full of Candy Pink looks: a dress with a giant bow tie from Erdem, an oversized striped lavaliere shirt by Patou, and a brilliant caricature of the Chanel tweed ensemble from Balenciaga. A pink that summons the sunny days..nobody puts Candy in a corner! 

A new Candy colour polish Green Flash


A minimalist, creamy off-white, like ice cream as on nails.

Swap out beige for Porcelaine, the new neutral polish for radiant spring. It's no surprise that Jacquemus teams chose a similar shade for their giant bag featured in their boutique in Seoul, Korea. Like a gigantic quilted cake, the big Bambino serves as a home to their new leather goods collection.

During last Fashion Week, off-white enchanted us. Featured on the runway for Alaïa: sometimes fluid and voluptuous in drapery, sometimes matte and enveloping in bustier belts. A dreamy white that we love to wear to enhance our healthy, treated nails thanks to the Manucurist nail care range. Luxury, off-white and voluptuous. 

A new Porcelaine colour Polish Green Flash

Cactus Glitter

Who's said glitter must be gold or silver?

Go for the all-new Cactus biodegradable glitter. An ultra-luminous glitter to add a touch of excitement to your outfits and luminescence to your nail art with the Glitter Brush.

Match with an accessory in the same colour for an extra touch of sparkle: we personally prefer the accumulation of Swarovski rings and bracelets. 

Cactus biodegradable glitter

A full glittering mani, glittering French look or ombre effect.. there are a thousand ways to enjoy 

the unique shine of the new biodegradable glitter! 

Nail Art !

Obviously, with all these new colours, the hardest part will be choosing!

Why not wear them all in a rainbow manicure, or spark your inner creative with some nail art?

Go for minimalist graphic lines and contrasts. Follow the guide and take the green wave...

Nail Art

1 - Apply the base of your choice in Green or Green Flash.

2 - Apply 2 thin coats of Porcelain for the base.

3 - Draw curved Brazil lines with the Liner Brush.

4 - Apply a coat of Top Coat to finalize the manicure and highlight your creation!

⚡ Flash under LED light after each step and between coats for a brilliant, long-lasting Green Flash™ manicure.

💅🏼 For a Green™ manicure, simply wait for the polish to dry naturally.

One colour is never enough !

We know that the sight of an ultra-pop colour over several days in a row awakens the senses and undeniably boosts the mood. So what could be better than to treat yourself to a complete mood-enhancing collection? In a trio or a rainbow of 5 polishes with Mimosa and Lilas, here's a stockpile of dopamine you won't want to miss to celebrate spring.

Discover the new sets of 3 or 5 must-have polishes for spring in Green Flash™ version.

Or in Green™ version!

To experience the full benefits of our new manicures, and enjoy long lasting manicures, we obviously insist on proper nail preparation with a Base Coat and Top Coat finish.

And for an ultra-shiny manicure that lasts up to 10 days, we opt for the Green Flash™ LED gel polish version. Ultra-easy to apply, it can also be removed like a classic polish, without acetone. Let's flash!