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HEMA-free? What does that mean?

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As you no doubt already know, Green Flash is 12-free and its formula contains no controversial molecules harmful to your health. Green Flash contains no HEMA monomers or Di-HEMA TMHDC: two sensitising substances prohibited from sale to the public since September 2021.

Harmful substances in gel nail polish?

It may have escaped your notice, but the harmful substances contained in many gel polishes are now in the spotlight.
Six months ago, under the new European regulation*, two sensitizing molecules—HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC—had to be removed from the formulas of all nail polishes intended for sale to the public.

What are the risks?

If they come into contact with the skin, these polishes can cause severe allergic and inflammatory skin reactions. That's why only nail care professionals are now authorised to use them.

The problem is that these products continue to circulate in the market, are very easy to obtain and jeopardise the health of at-home gel polish enthusiasts every day. So be careful which products you use on your nails!

Green Flash: HEMA-free, non-sensitising and fully compliant with the regulation.

Our innovative Green Flash was two years ahead of the European regulation and stands out as an exception in today's gel polish market.

As well as being 12-free and containing no endocrine disruptors, CMR or allergens, the Green Flash range is up to 84% bio-sourced and is an alternative that doesn't compromise on staying power or shine. In just 3 quick & easy steps you have a flawless manicure lasting up to 10 days. And it can easily be removed with a gentle, acetone-free nail polish remover.

🌱 At Manucurist, beautiful nails don't come at the cost of your health!
The green revolution rocks, so be part of it ⚡️

A real revolution. Application and removal are super easy and it has excellent staying power. I love it. I couldn't use traditional gel polish because I had a lot of allergies, and ordinary polish didn't last. I recommend it 100%.Amal S.

Because I was allergic to one of the main molecules used in traditional polish, I couldn't paint my nails. Now I'm living again!!Inès C.

Being allergic to traditional gel polish, this polish has made my day! No more allergies but the same stunning effect. Sandy V.

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