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A trio of juicy colours for a peachy keen summer

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Shine bright this summer! We want radiance, freshness and subtle shades that give us a glow. We want vibrant colors that lift a simple little white dress.

That's why we've created a summer collection with a fruity feel—deliciously vibrant and oh-so-juicy. A tasty treat for the eyes!

A craving for summer fruit

The holidays are almost here. Time to slow down, take in some sun, reconnect with nature and put the rest on hold. It feels so good to do nothing... or do what you actually feel like doing for once.

How about wandering around the market and filling up on the sun-drenched fruit you love so much and have been waiting for all year? In your basket there's a festival of color: a riot of red with tomatoes, strawberries and cherries that are impossible to resist.

Source : @chloelecareux on Instagram
Source : @domsli22 on Instagram

There's also a pretty palette of pastel greens, pinks and oranges thanks to the peaches, apricots, fresh almonds and aromatic herbs. It's fabulously fresh and smells so good it makes your mouth water!

Three delicious colors

You've guessed it—this beautifully filled basket is the inspiration behind the three delicious colors in our summer collection. Shades that flatter and give a gorgeous glow without going over the top. Natural and invigorating!

🍑 Peach

It's the new superstar of our collection: a soft, velvety color that captures the light and reflects it back in a pretty pink glow. A sorbet shade that will make you melt, to be enjoyed in Green and Green Flash format.

Source : @domsli22 on Instagram

🍓 Red Coral

A far-from-ordinary polish you've already come across in the Green range. A true red that hovers somewhere between a sweet, delicate strawberry and a slightly tart morello cherry. If dancing under the stars is what you have in mind, this punchy party polish—now also available in Green Flash format—will sweep you off your feet.

Source : @surichicamoi on Instagram

🌿 Mint

This pastel green is as soft as a scattering of wildflowers on a summer dress, and as fresh as a bouquet of mint, sage and rosemary cut at dawn with the dew still glistening on their leaves. A fresh, vibrant note that goes beautifully with a golden tan and is available in Green.

You'll find this tasty special summer trio in Green and Green Flash format!